Weekend Highlights

This weekend was jam-packed and productive--just the way I like it!

My weekend highlights included:

-Homemade pizza a la MG

-Friday night Home Depot trip (because who doesn't love spending a Friday night at the Depot?)
-Wall prep in the entry hallway (removing old ADT boxes and smoke detectors...because the previous owners had THREE smoke detectors in the hallway)

-Discovering 80s wallpaper hiding behind all 3...
Nothing but sexiness
-totally changing my paint color plans for the entryway and the guest room after getting paint samples (which actually involved flip-flopping the colors for each space) #secondguessingmyself

-Saturday morning donation drop off at Goodwill, cleaning the house, and prepping for painting

-Doors and windows open because the weather was gorgeous all weekend!

-Painting the entryway ceiling and first half of the  guest room
first coat of paint for the light gray walls and almost ready for the navy blue accent wall!
-Saturday date night: Mexican food (yum) and seeing Fury in the new theater by our place with reclining seats (movie was really good and VERY intense)
-Sunday morning visit at the house from one of my besties, Crystal

-3 hour sunday brunch with these pretties
Those plates of food were just round 3 of what we ordered haha
-27 cents worth of penny mimosas....yes, I said 27 cents.

-Having friends over for the Eagles game

-Yummy, bad-for-you-football foods

-Bedtime to rest up for the work week!

What were your highlights from the weekend??

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  1. penny mimosas? wow! I need to be at that place.

  2. sounds like a glorious weekend! can't wait to see the finished rooms!

  3. Girlfriend, I totally feel the same way about picking out a paint colors. I bet it felt great to get rid of the wall paper.

  4. Sounds like such a great weekend. Love hearing about the home improvements. Mimosas....yummm! Think I'm going to see Fury tonight.
    Don't forget to link up with me today!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle


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