Blogtober: Day 3

Today's Blogtober topic is:
"One Thing You Can't Live Without"
Helene in Between

Now, obviously my first choices would be something like MG and Cooper and my family, but they aren't really "things," and they're the obvious choices.

I'd say my Kindle Paperwhite. I love that I can access any book I want at any time, that I can carry around several "books" at once in that little device. I can read in the light or the dark, I never have an excuse to be bored. After a long day I can unwind by escaping into a story, or if the weather is nice, I have a perfectly good excuse to park my hiney on our deck with my Kindle and read.
plus, reading a Kindle, mixed with puppy doesn't get much better, does it??
I've loved reading since I was a kid, and I've grown to love and appreciate it even more as an adult. So, even though a Kindle wouldn't save me in a dark alley or a deserted island (altho there it would entertain me until the battery died), it's something that makes my day-to-day life brighter and happier.


  1. I love reading and I love my Kindle - makes reading where ever I am so much easier and since i've had it I think I've read so much more!

  2. Books!! They keep you company when you don't have any and they drown out reality. I can't imagining living without some amazing fictional characters either.

    Andrea // CocoDrizzle

  3. I love just getting away from reality and my own life drama to get sucked into a really good book! And what better way than to have hundreds of books at your fingertips with an e-reader? I have a Nook and absolutely love it. I'm glad there are still people out there that love to read as much as I do! Visiting from the linkup. Happy Friday!


  4. I think in general books I can't live without.

  5. I left my paperwhite on the plane from napa... fail...

  6. I wish I had a Kindle! I didn't realize I'd find so many things to add to my wish list through this linkup! :)

  7. Oooo this is a good one! Books are definitely a staple that never get old! :)

  8. this is a great one!! reading is such a wonderful escape and you can take a kindle anywhere!

  9. Good choice Jenn!!

    Not only is it fun but it also expands your mind. Really good choice. Sounds like you read a lot. What is your favorite book of all time?

    My 'one thing' took some careful consideration. But I ultimately chose the one thing that has contributed more to my happiness than anything else.

    Hope you have a great weekend!


  10. I didn't even think about my kindle. That is something I can't live without.

  11. A kindle was such a thoughtful idea! I love that kindles can be read in the sunlight without any glare...makes it perfect for the beach or pool-side!

  12. This was one of the things I considered for my Blog to her post, I looove my kindle paper white! Perfectly portable!


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