Oh Hey Friday Favorites!

In addition to my Blogtober post today (scroll down past this post to see that one), you get ANOTHER post from me...aren't you lucky?!?! (just say yes) :)
Here are some of my favorites this week:
Look at the pretty sunset on
 our drive to dinner!

{1}-Dinner Double Date
Last night MG and I had a double date with my friend Zak and his boyfriend. We were a little adventurous and tried out a new Moroccan restaurant near our old place. The food was super yum and it was SO nice spending time with Zak again (it had been so long since we'd seen each other until my friend's wedding a few weeks ago). It was a shame that it was a Thursday night because we could have easily stayed there for a lot longer talking. I'm glad we made it work to hang out and we've already made plans to hang out again!

{2}-Meet Louis V. 
Hello loverrrrrrrr
 I'm uhhhhbsessed with my new present.
Mine allllll miiiiiiiine!

{3} House Stuff
This weekend MG and I have someone coming to give us an estimate on getting the floors done in our basement (adios, rose colored carpet hopefully!) Fingers crossed it's not insanely expensive, but perhaps floors in our basement will be our Christmas present to one another haha (I'm ok with it). 
On top of that, last weekend MG and I finally put the pot at the front of our house to use with the pretty fall-inspired plant in the picture above. It's bloomed a ton more since last weekend and is just a nice sight when we walk in or out of the house! That and a green ribbon on the front door are just a couple little touches for Fall :)

{4} Favorite Pins
quote {via}
I need this in my closet!
Outfit {via}
While we're 'wishing' can someone re-do my dining room to look like this? Please and thank you!
for the house {via}
{5} Cooper's turning 6!!
Tomorrow is Cooper's 6th birthday. I can't believe hes been in my life for the last 6 years (it feels like forever, but also not that long). He's my special little pup and I love him soooo much--I can't wait to spoil him on his birthday!
Little does he know his birthday present has been sitting on the counter right above his food bowl for the whole week. He's gonna be in squeaker heaven!
shhh, dont tell him! ;)
Cooper's also going to the doggy spa tomorrow to get his haircut, so he'll be super spoiled and handsome for his birthday!

I hope your weekend's as cute and fun as a bunch of puppies on a slide!
Happy Friday, party people!


  1. Hello, Louis V!!! Such a pretty bag :) Hoping that you and MG (and Coop - the birthday boy) have a great weekend!!!

  2. First of all, PUPPIES! Second, I need that outfit in my life like right now!

  3. what a cuuute purse!
    and happy bday to cooper!
    and yay no more rose carpets! that's awesome!

  4. Beyond in love with your new bag -- I need! And the puppies -- so cute. Hope you have a great weekend!
    xo Southern Style

  5. Hello LV!!! I love mine.... i want another one and in that color/pattern. Jealous! Happy Birthday Cooper!!! I love puppy birthdays.

  6. Happy Birthday, Cooper!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  7. Agh, rose colored carpet! When we pulled up our dinning room carpet we found bits of the previous carpet stuck to the tacks and it was rose colored as well. Which made sense with the pink and green wallpaper that I pulled down, but ugh. So I feel you there. I think it will feel so much more fresh when you get that done! Happy Friday!

  8. Loveeee the bag. Duh. And yay for pup birthdays!!! We always celebrate with frosty paws ice cream. Please tell me you know about that goodness!!! xx

  9. Awww, happy birthday to Cooper!! And love your new Louie!

  10. Happy Birthday to your pup! :) You should bake him a doggie birthday cake. And really rose colored carpet? Lol. Floors sound like a good gift to me!

  11. L-o-v-e everything here!! Could we be more alike with our "hellooo lovers" hahaha adore! Happy weekend! xoxo

  12. I am in love with that outfit!

  13. Shoot. Now I REALLY want a puppy, thanks! ;)

  14. So jealous of your bag! It's beautiful!!! Love the outfit you posted too. I want that shirt! :) What a sweet gift for your puppy-baby.

  15. Happy birthday to sweet Cooper! And I'm super jealous of that beautiful Louis!! I love that style Louis and it will be perfect to rock all year round!

  16. Seriously with that Louie?!?! LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!! And that outfit you pinned!! Happy birthday Cooper! Have a great weekend!! And thanks for stopping by my blog today!

  17. Obsessed with that bag! Its so pretty! Also, I love that dining room pin...the white and blue is so nautical!


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