Blogtober Day 6: Blogging "Advice"

10 Things I'd Tell Myself When I Started Blogging
Helene in Between Blogtober

1) You'll "meet" some amazing people online, and then you might actually meet some in real life

2) Some of those people you'll be in touch with daily!

3) Don't get caught up in the number of followers you have or don't have. It's about what YOU put out there for whatever reasons, not about who does or doesn't read it

4) Not everyone who appears to have a "perfect" life in the blog world is actually living a perfect life. Like anything else, some people share what they want the world to see, not the full picture.

5) Your future husband (since I wasn't married to him when I started) will listen to you talk about blog things, be patient when he's helping you cook but then you ask him to move so you can take a pic for your recipe post, won't bat an eyelash when you invite 3 bloggers you've never physically met in person to your wedding...
but still won't truly "get it." And that's totally ok!

6) Some days you won't feel like posting anything. Don't force it, it's ok.

7) When things are rough, in addition to the support you have in your everyday life, you'll have an incredible support system right here waiting for you.

8) Don't forget to bring your phone/camera with you when you do stuff, and take pictures!! You'll kick yourself after the fact when you're trying to make a post and you have no pictures to go along with it. And you'll inevitably use the hashtag #bloggerfail

9) But don't get SO caught up in documenting everything that you forget to be present in your activities and interactions. Real life is more important than blog life!

10) have fun!


  1. good advice! some of these things I need to tell myself still.

  2. I definitely agree with 8! I never remember to bring my camera anywhere, and when I do remember, my camera isn't charged...I must get better at that! Love all your advice!

  3. so glad you invited those 3 blog friends to your wedding. xoxo and so glad you blog!

  4. hahahahaha I talk/text/email with my blogger friends more on a daily basis then I do with my IRL friends :-) Thanks so much for linking up on Friday!!

  5. we've conquered #2, but i'm still waiting for the second half of #1! :)

  6. Wow girl! This is spot on perfect and I'm saving it if you don't mind for a feature later on! Great advice! xoxo

  7. Great advice!! Love numbers 4, 6, and 7. Thanks for sharing! Have a great weekend :)


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