Halloweenie Friday

In the words of R. Kelly, it's the freakin' weekend baby!

Five of my favorite things this week include:

{1} Early Release/Semi-Long Weekend
Today is the last day of the 1st quarter at school which means the kids leave 2 hours early, and on top of that we have 2 teacher workdays on Monday and Tuesday. I only have one meeting on Monday afternoon for 2 hours (and the meeting is right down the street from my house), but otherwise I get to work from home. We'll basically call that a 4 day weekend, and I'm 100% ok with doing progress reports in my PJs on my couch at home :)

{2} Massages
{via} that's gonna be me this Saturday
Since MG and I have been working hard at house stuff (guest room painting done as of last night and this weekend we'll hopefully finish up the entry hallway), I decided to book both of us a massage for Saturday afternoon. I told MG and he was beyond ecstatic! Best wife award? Sure, I'll take it :)

{3} Trick or Treaters
This year will likely be the first year that we actually have trick-or-treaters come by the house since we no longer live in a condo or apartment, and there are several little kids in our neighborhood. I'm kind of excited about seeing all the costumes and outfits and getting to pass out candy for the first time with MG in our new digs.
{4} World War books
I finally picked up a new book after taking a break when I finished reading Fall of Giants (865 pages) which revolved around World War I. I've been reading another Jojo Moyes book called The Girl You Left Behind--so far, so good--which also centers around WWI (historical fiction). (Last weekend I saw Fury which was about World War II...I've been all about the world wars lately by happenstance.) I really like reading about this time because I feel like I don't know enough from what I learned just in school. Obviously, I'll do a review of the book when I'm done, but right now, I'm liking it, and Jojo Moyes' writing style is wonderful.

{5}- Halloween Costume
At work today it's "dress up as a character from a book" day. In reality, if I had planned ahead, I would be Hermione Granger from Harry Potter but in my limited time to pull a costume together, I'm going with Arthur:
 My converse shoes are brown and not red, but oh well. It's the effort, right?

I hope you have a semi-spooky, but not TOO scary weekend with more treats than tricks!
And just to make sure your weekend gets started on the right foot, here's a collection of cute/funny pets on Halloween I put together for you:
You're welcome :)


  1. haha i love the pets dressed up! too cute!

  2. Is Cooper dressing up? My friend has the giraffe costume for her little one.

  3. ahh I just love this- you are too cute!! Massages? Yes you go glen coco! Love that- looks like its going to be a great weekend for ya'll!! xoxo

  4. Have fun with the trick-or-treaters...I live in a brownstone, so unfortunately no kids are coming here for candy! Love the book character costume theme!

  5. omg, so cute! Love the costume!

  6. 1.) You are ADORABLE....super cute costume.

    2.) That cat!! Bahhhh. I love that (and I don't even like cats).


  7. Your costume is so cute!!! Enjoy the massages!

  8. Your Arthur outfit is spot on! Happy Halloween!

  9. hermoine for the win each and every time. but arthur was a perfect solution in a pinch. i am so uncreative with things like that i would have just stared at my closet for hours and then given up. have fun with the trick-or-treaters this year!

  10. Your Authur costume is awesome! Your long weekend sounds amazing... esp with a massage! Have fun handing out candy tonight!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  11. I read You and Me by Jojo Moyes and I enjoyed it, I'll have to check out this book!
    Arthur is great! I'm Thing 2 this year since I just dyed my hair blue and I wanted a costume with minimal effort. I bought a sweatshirt and I'm calling it a costume. :)

  12. I loved Arthur when I was growing up, what a great idea for a costume!! I really enjoyed reading your blog this month. Glad I was able to link up with you through blogtober! Happy Halloween

  13. I loved the Arthur cartoon! Is it still on?! Great job putting that costume together! Happy Halloween!

  14. Yay for trick or treaters! How exciting! I can't wait to ditch the condo life!

  15. I love your costume!! So cute for your age group too :) Enjoy your massages this weekend!

  16. You make a great Arthur! Hope you and MG have so much fun passing out candy to the littles this year:) Happy Halloween, friend!!!

  17. Loved your Halloween costume! What a great idea, too!

  18. Love that costume! I hope you ended up having a lot of trick or treaters! Happy Monday!


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