Weekend Highlights

Hey guys! I'm comin' at ya a little bit later than normal today because I have the morning off of work--I'm still working from home on this teacher workday, but I didn't have to get up with an alarm so I took it easy getting into the day. Sometimes having a post ready and linking up takes a back seat. This morning was just that and I'm totally ok with it!

My weekend was SUPER productive!
My weekend highlights included:

-Having our first-ever trick-or-treaters! Cooper was all about it

-MG was super cute with all of the little kids who came to the door. Love!

-Went to our friends' house for a glass of wine and then walked over to the street I used to live on, that really does it up for Halloween. Here's a peak of just some of the awesomeness:

-Saturday was a cold and super windy day. MG and I painted our entryway, and realized the color was just not dark enough, so we went back to get a shade darker and we are IN LOVE with it. It feels so home-y now. 
We still need a runner and new rug at the front door, but we're getting there!
-We also did the finishing touches on the guest bedroom and I am SO happy with it. I can't show you just yet because I'm waiting for the comforter I ordered to get here (Tuesday), and complete it. I'll reveal then!

-MG and I both desperately needed a massage after all of that painting and house projecting. I had it scheduled for the perfect time.

-I think the paint fumes of painting all day got to me and I ended up with a pretty bad headache which kept me in from going to a friend's party. Sad face.
Thai food take out and couch time were my medicine.

-Sunday we ran errands, installed a light in the entry hallway that we ended up not loving, and then watched football. My Skins lost, but it was to the Vikings, and our friend Kev is a coach for them so I wasn't SO sad about it (after all, I don't know anyone personally on the Skins team whose livelihood depends on a win).

-Made pasta fagioli in the crock pot--perfect, hearty soup for the chilly, windy weather we were having

-I gave myself a nice little manicure and I'm super happy with it

-Had a more than hour long text exchange with my work bestie (she's the best)

-Fell asleep watching RHONJ reunion

-Woke up without an alarm this morning

It was a great weekend overall! We got lots done and still got in some relaxing time. I can't wait to share the finished guest room with you, hopefully later this week!
I hope your weekend was just what you wanted :)
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  1. Sounds like an awesome and productive weekend! I love your manicure, it looks so good!

  2. sounds like a good weekend - except for the headache! that sucks! how'd you do your manicure so nicely! I think it's great you and MG are doing all this stuff to the house. you're making a house a home and I think you guys will have more pride in homeownership since you put so much effort into it.

  3. Sounds like such a fabulous weekend! I'm just sad its already over! LOVE the entryway color and entryway in general Jenn! Perfect! I also cannot wait to see the guest room! xoxo

  4. That is my type of weekend! I love the color you picked for the hallway! And I love your manicure! I am awful at painting my own nails so, I envy you!

    Have a great week,

  5. Coop looks so cute at the front door just waiting in his jacket! My pups did not get to hand out candy this year, but i did take them to PetsMart for some doggie treats. And now i want Thai food and a nap. xoxo

  6. Yay for house stuff! Hallway looks great, are you changing the light? Can't wait to see the finished guest room!

  7. Omg Cooper at the door is precious! Fabulous mani - good job. Love your recaps... always make me chuckle lol

    Thanks for linking up with MMG :)

  8. Love you entryway - so beautiful! I can't get over how cute Cooper is! Sounds like a fun weekend!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  9. That wall color is amazing!! Your dog is so cute!

    We have a new weekend recap button, feel free to post it up as well!

    Thanks for linkin' up :)


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