Complete Randomness

Need something to get you through the rest of the week before Thanksgiving?
How about some random reflections and thoughts on this Tuesday!
I said "randomness", didn't I?? :)
~there's always another side to someone else's story #dontbelieveeverythingyouhear

~a school work-setting might be the only place that you address your friends as "Mister ____" or "Mrs. _____" when other people (kids) are around

~I don't know how people paint a room without taping it off first. Even WITH tape, I still get some paint bleeds. Without the tape, I think it would look like a bad Kindergarten art project.

~sometimes as much as you ignore or block someone out, they still manage to rear their ugly head and pop up in your life again, whether you like it or not (and why is it always when you're not even thinking about them at all??)

~it's really difficult having a husband with a birthday right around the holidays...that means double the gifts and double the creativity in 1/4 of the time! (we can go ahead and hashtag this one with #firstworldproblems, I'm ok with it :)

~there are a lot of people in the world who look like animals. I've noticed the most common look-alikes are monkeys (understandable with evolution) and horses...(mainly with smiles I guess) and it's kinda freaky!

~sometimes people create their own self-importance. Like finding out someone is saying that something you do has to do directly with them, when in reality, you're just living your life without a care in the world about theirs #stopgivingyourselfsomuchcredit #youregoislaughable

~hypocrits are a real thing

~people who don't show up for appointments really annoy me. When I make a meeting with a parent, and they don't show, it drives me bananas!!! I spend all of this time prepping, getting coverage, etc all for you not to come. Thanks for respecting my time as much as your own. Really.

~where did the phrase "drive someone bananas" come from, anyway?

~Speaking of phrases, apparently the phrase "geeked out" is a big thing now (or maybe it has been and I'm just old and out of the loop--which is completely possible). My friend, who is older than me I might add, came over the other night and used it at least 4 times in our conversation. As you can tell, there was a lot to "geek out" about.
And now that this post has been random enough to include an English muffin and Big Bird, I will depart you!
Have a fantastic day :)


  1. You are too funny!! I never noticed how close a horses smile is to ours LOL...and now I'm a little freaked out! My husbands birthday is in not right around the holidays but close enough where I still feel the confusion of what to get LOL!! Hope you have a great day girl!! xo

  2. Haha the missing appointments thing drives me nuts, just show up, or at least have the courtesy to reschedule in advance! And that English muffin is totally cute and perfectly random :)

  3. Fake people drive me crazy.

    And people who are not considerate of other people's time also really piss me off.

  4. hahaha Oh Jenn- I'm still laughing and stuck on the art project comparison to taping off a room! Made my day! Great and of course random post (hypocrites are def real)

  5. I've always thought that people look like animals. With some people, it's more obvious than others..but there is definitely an animal out there for everyone. For example, some of my coworkers look like guinea pigs and emus. :)

  6. haha just what i needed for the hoilday week.

    I love this randomness.

  7. Lol geeked out used to mean high on drugs as far as I remember, but I'm too old for today's lingo too! I definitely agree there are many sides to every story!

  8. Hahaha, totally loved this random post!! Very entertaining and so true. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog:) Happy Thanksgiving.

  9. Loved this! I really agree with some people looking like animals, but I find that I know people that look like rabbits and mice! Is this strange??

  10. this was a great random post! and yes, my hubby's bday is close to christmas, its so hard to think of good ideas for both! and some people really do need to get lives... agree totally!


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