Weekend Highlights

Another weekend come and gone, but at least Thanksgiving is coming in just a few days!!

This weekend's highlights included:

~Friday night in with MG, pizza and a movie 

~Saturday morning installation of our new stairway carpet runner. I'm in love!
And now Cooper can go down the stairs again without falling!! Byebye Cooper's baby gate!
~Shopping at the mall and getting a new jacket at Macy's $30 off, and with gift cards!
It's a little longer in the back so that your back doesn't get cold when you sit down!
~Dinner and a movie double date to see Interstellar (really good!) and then super yummy Mexican food for dinner afterwards (where we all analyzed the movie since it was so complex)

~Sunday errands: getting food and other prep so we can host Thanksgiving for both sets of our parents this week (gonna maybe try two new appetizers too!)

~Shopping at Home Goods and World Market for holiday decor!
Our front door is ready for the holidays at least! :)
~Bought Cooper a mini stocking for Christmas (still need to get us some but at least Coop is covered haha)

~Started addressing some Christmas cards

~Downloaded two new books on my Kindle (that ended up being free) since the book Im reading right now is super slow and I'm bored with it.

~Got in some good cuddles with this guy:

~Discovered the most yummy seasonal beer at the store (pick some up for your Thanksgiving get-together! It's delicious):

~MG brought these yummies home as a surprise after being out watching the Eagles game with his friends
Best Husband Award! :)
~Watched the 3rd episode of Newsroom this season. So bummed this show is almost over!

~Woke up to mid-60 degree temps and a forecast of 75 for the high today. It's the last week of November *(but I'm not complaining!) :)

And now it's time to make it through the next few days before we can get to Thanksgiving!

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  1. I tried that shandy! My husband had gotten their fall mix of flavors in one case. Your stair runner looks awesome! It really adds a lot to the space!
    California To Carolina
    The Gym Bunny

  2. Ok your new stair running looks amazing! Love it! And love your new jacket. So cute! I haven't tried that Leinenkugels yet but I think I need to pick it up for Thanksgiving! Happy Monday!

    <3, Pamela

  3. Loving your new runner! And I'm totally impressed that you're hosting Thanksgiving!!

  4. Seriously though - such a great weekend!! I really have to say I love your new stairway runner - you're so right, it makes the biggest difference! I love your new utility jacket and sounds like it was steal of a deal and those cupcakes look way better than the juice i'm drinking right now!! Hope you have a great Monday!! xo

  5. I like that carpet and the wreath! very nice. you guys are making amazing improvements to the house. good job. you're so grown up! that beer has my interest but I'm scared to try it!

  6. The most fun ever squeezed into one weekend!! L_O_V_E the runner on the stairs!!! Absolutely perfect!!! Also, double date + Mexican for the win! (I also started those Christmas cards but now just need to get stamps) Happy Monday pretty lady! xoxo

  7. Wow...just reading this recap makes me tired. Good work on getting so much done!

    Love that new runner on the stairs...it's amazing how a bit of carpet can change a space!

  8. So proud of Coop for going down the stairs again! Love that wreath too, I am so behind on decorating and just need to get the house in order for wedding people.

  9. The stairs runner is AWESOME!!!!! Love it!

  10. Love the runner~! and the decor looks great on your door!! xo

    Come linkup for Weekend Recap too! Showered With Design

  11. Sounds like a really productive weekend! I like the carpet runner on your stairs. I wouldn't have thought to do something like that!
    Come link up today!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  12. The runner looks great, and that beer sounds so tasty! Love a seasonal beverage!

  13. The stair runner looks amazing! Y'all are doing a great job with the house! Love that jacket you bought..I found one at the Gap Outlet over the summer and it's been my go to.

  14. Sounds like a great and busy weekend! The carpet runner is so cute!! I have heard that Insterstellar is pretty intense, and I am hoping to go sometime during my break! Also, if you are looking for a good book to read, I just finished Me Before You by JoJo Moyes...it evoked like every emotion in me, which was overwhelming for just one book, but it was so good!

  15. I love the runner, Jenn! It's amazing and makes a HUGE difference in the look/feel of the hallway. Love! Great choice:)

  16. I'm OBSESSED with your stair runner!! I need to get that beer for my hubby. Yum.

  17. Sounds like a great weekend! Love the holiday decor :)

  18. I love your new carpet runner on the stairs!! You've done such a great job doing the various home renovations :)


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