Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Holiday Link Up: Thanksgiving

It's a cold Tuesday here in VA, but instead of dwelling on that, I thought I'd warm my spirit (and hopefully yours) by joining the holiday link up with Annie to talk about Thanksgiving.

This is gonna be a mix of things I'd love to do, in combination with some of the things we've done in the past.

Last year was the first time my husband and I (my fiance at the time) hosted our parents for Thanksgiving in our one-bedroom condo, but this year will be the first time we're doing it as a married couple in our new house (and the 3rd time that we've done Thanksgiving together, the 6 of us) :)

Here are a few things I'd love to do...
For the outside of our house, things like this would be awesome to decorate with:

We'd have details around the house like this:

Our table would look something like this:
...with smaller details like this:
(I might actually do the above for our place settings because I think it's adorable)
And on each plate, I'd like to print this out, as a nice quote for the holiday:

Maybe MG and I can get ourselves together enough to make at least SOME of these happen! (and definitely in the future, when we're not DIY'ing ourselves all over the place around the house)

In terms of food, it is tradition that my mom and I always make squash casserole (it's a recipe from my aunt who's no longer with us)--it sounds kinda bland and boring but it is SO good and possiblyeven my favorite food for Thanksgiving.
My mom also makes some incredibly tasty stuffing, too, so that's always a must for our dinner table.

We are also an apple pie family. Pumpkin pie has never been a big thing for us, but apple pie is ALWAYS served during our Thanksgivings.

Neither of our parents have seen all of the updates we've done to the house, so I'm super excited for them to come over and see everything that we've been working hard at around the house for the past couple of months.

Here's a shot from our first Thanksgiving all together, up in Philly, from 2 years ago:

No matter what food is cooked, it will be so nice to have both sets of our parents with us, in our new home, celebrating everything that we have to be thankful for...and thankfully that list is a long one! :)
*most of the above pictures can be found on my Pinterest board, Holiday Ideas


  1. I love all your inspiration!!! The little note you want to add is so sweet and very doable!! Is it terrible that I love all the sides and stuffing more than the actual turkey!? Hope you have a great day!!

  2. Love all of this! That white monogrammed pumpkin is adorable and those place settings are absolutely perfect! Love the quote you're thinking about adding too!

    <3, Pamela

  3. Your house would look great with any of these decorations and it's so nice both filirs can come together to celebrate!

  4. That sprig wreath place setting is super cute! I did something similar for a fall brunch that I recently hosted, and may need to revisit that idea for Thanksgiving.

  5. that pumpkin themed table runner is amazing!

  6. Love that you cook with your mom. So special and great memories.

  7. Ah! I love all of these ideas and details- I now need to pin these! xoxo

  8. I just pinned that same tablescape this morning - looove it! And we're an apple pie family, too. We do have pumpkin as well but the apple pies are always the first to go!

  9. I'm so excited for you that you'll be hosting in your new place! I made a monogrammed pumpkin like that before, it was pretty easy with a stencil!

  10. We are an apple pie family too! For sure! It's not Thanksgiving without apple pie:) And I agree with Lynn above. I think it's super special that you cook with your momma. What wonderful memories:)

  11. I love that place setting! You must be so excited to host everyone in your house, and I am sure they are excited to see it! Apple pie is definitely the best pie choice for Thanksgiving...I am always the one in charge of making it for my family!

  12. How fun! My husband will be working for Thanksgiving so my mom is coming to visit and we're going out to eat. We did it last year and it was so relaxing!


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