Tour of Blogland and Nominations

I'm sure you've seen the Blogland Tour making its way through the blog world, and last week I was featured by Jessi and Jessica (I feel so loved!!) The blog tour allows you to meet and "tour" other blogs that you might not know about, and to discover more about the person behind the blog (VH1 style...behind the music....behind the blog?) and their writing style, etc.
Aren't they the prettiest, most fashionable and adorable bloggers you ever did see?? :)
What are you working on?

I don't have any one thing that I'm working on, but usually I'm trying out new recipes every week or couple of week so I can share the good ones with you (and keep a record for myself of the yummies that I want to make again). And now I post a lot about our home improvement projects because those are a lot more plentiful lately since we moved into our new house in June.

How does your blog differ from others of its type/genre?

I'm not sure that my blog differs that much from other "lifestyle" bloggers. I just try and keep it real on here. If I comment on your blog, it's not all fluff or fake. If I read your blog, I care about what you've written, I'm not just trying to be the first person to comment on a post, or posting something only to get you to come look at my blog. My blog itself isn't all sunshine and roses either. I try and keep it real with you guys, but also try and keep it a positive space (because it's SO easy to get bogged down by the icky stuff sometimes).

Why do you write what you do?

I write what is going on in my life and what's interesting to me. I figure, if it's interesting to me, it's probably interesting to someone else. (Let's see how many more times I can use the word "interesting" in this post now :)
I like posting my book reviews, and recipes I've tried, because that's how I find new books to read and recipes to try. And then the everyday stuff is just kinda fun. I like documenting where I'm at in life at this current moment, and I enjoy looking back and reading about where I was a month ago, a year ago....etc. It's fun to see how far you've come.

How does your writing process work?

It varies. Sometimes I get an idea while I'm driving to and from work. Other times I see something online that sparks my creative juices (like my Who Has the Time/Whyyyyy posts). Other times, I just write about what's going on in my life right now. And sometimes, when there's nothing going on, or I'm super busy and just don't have the time to put into a post like I'd want, I don't post.  I guess it's not really a "process" as much as it is a brain dump sometimes, that I hope makes sense and that someone connects with!
I do love that this blog is a creative outlet for me. I've always enjoyed writing and being creative, and the blog has definitely given me the space to do so. Plus, meeting all of the awesome ladies in the blog world (the two of whom nominated me included) is the biggest bonus of it all!

Now for my nominations....
Meghan @ Me as Meghan

Now go check out their blogs and say hi! :)


  1. So so happy I found your blog Jenn!!! I seriously love all our email banter and that all comes from your posts being so awesome!! xo

  2. I am so happy you included me in this post! Its been awesome getting to know you! I like that you mentioned being able to look back on your blog and see where you were a month/year/etc ago, and see how much has changed..I haven't really looked back at my old posts since I have started blogging, but maybe I should just to see what has changed!

  3. I love your recipes, its like you do the work for me.

  4. Loved reading this today! So fun to learn a bit more about you:) Yay for the blog tours!!!

  5. ahh Love your blog tour and so happy to be a nominee!! I always love reading more about the person behind the blog and more about their writing process! Recipes are always a favorite of mine and maybe one day I'll find the time to open a decent book again :) xoxo

  6. Yessss! I love finding new blogs to read! and of course, I LOVED getting to know you better!!

  7. Love that you mention you aren't commenting to comment. Early on I did that and then realized, wait. This isn't me. Do I want people to read my blog? Of course. Do I want A LOT of people to read my blog. Absolutely. But I want them to enjoy reading what I write and I want to enjoy what I read.

    Looking forward to following along. =)

  8. Cute! I try to be real too. Actually, I think you have to try HARDER to be fake, so maybe we are just lazy being honest ;)


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