Weekend Highlights!

This weekend was another one filled with friends and house projects!

This weekend's highlights included:

-Friday double date with our friends

-Delicious food, funny conversations and so much wine!

-Late night hang out at our place

-Painting trim/doors in our entryway since the previous owner decided to paint them all off-white (see before and after)
We had 6 door/entry trims to paint, along with the door pictured above. Somehow that took over 6 hours...but everything is crisp white now, and matches the floorboard trim!
(it's amazing how one person's stupid decision can be so time-consuming to fix and make look right again!)

-Finding out Saturday night that my bloggie bestie, Shay, had her son!!!
Welcome baby Nicholas to the world!
Isn't he adorable???? Love him already!!
(Mom is doing well, too, and is over the moon in love with him!)

-Saturday date night dinner with MG, then snuggling on the couch watching a movie (and me falling asleep haha)

-Sunday errands

-Putting together the nightstand for guest room, and finding the perfect decoration for the wall above the bed

-Sunday afternoon run with MG 

-Finishing my book The Girl You Left Behind (review coming soon)

-Chipotle dinner (yum!)

Like I said, it was pretty jam-packed but at least it was another fun one with friends and productive on the home front! And super exciting with a new baby's arrival!!! :)
I hope you week is off to a good start!!

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  1. congrats to your friend!
    that mirror is perfect in the guest room
    glad you fixed your door frames lol
    when the next people move in they are going to be like "who painted this trim white?!" LOL

  2. So, can you believe that I've never had Chipotle? That must be some kind of sin, right? Need to fix it right away. Congrats to your friend on her sweet son. He's adorable! And glad you guys got the painting done. I know how monotonous that job can be!

  3. How cute are you in running gear! My runs are slower and fewer these days, so I am envious!

  4. SO fun!!! Your guestroom is so dreamy- I love that space and need to come stay there!! ;) Love the entry-way as well and especially the gray ya'll picked out! Happy Monday Love! xoxo

  5. You always have the most fun weekends! I wish I had your energy!
    Come link up with me today!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  6. Your guest bedroom looks awesome! Totally puts my real bedroom to shame!

  7. I love the colors and look of the guest bedroom!

  8. love the design you're going for in the guest room!

  9. The white door looks much better. Your guest room looks great.

  10. I love your navy blue wall! We are finally going to get our master bedroom together and I am seriously considering a navy blue headboard!

  11. The guest bedroom is so adorable...you have great taste! Sounds like an awesome weekend (chipotle must have been the perfect ending!)

  12. Mmmmm chipotle! And yes we need to Facetime again soon!


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