Friday Fun-ness

Yep, I made up a word and I don't care! It's Friday and I can do what I want! :)

This week was a super nice one because it was a short AT work week for me (still worked every day but the first two days were teacher workdays which meant I got a lot of work done at home...and working in sweats on my couch with Sex and the City or The Today Show on in the background is my kind of productivity!)

Anyway, this week I had a lot of favorite/awesome things going on so I thought I'd share!

{1}- Guest Room Reveal
We still need some decorations on the wall, but that's the easy/fun part!
I'm SO over the moon excited about how awesome our guest room turned out. Originally I had a totally different concept and color scheme but it just wasn't working for me, so I went in a totally different direction, and it worked out amazingly! I also have the BEST tip for painting straight/perfect non-bleeding paint edges now!
We have a white nightstand for the room too, but it hasn't been put together yet.
This whole room is brought to you by Home Depot paint, Target, and Overstock for the headboard!

{2}-Hour plus text convos with my work bestie
This year we had several new staff start at our school, as any school year, but recently I've really clicked with one in particular. The past 5 nights, she and I have had text convos at home for hours on end. My favorite was a conversation that ended in all hashtags. It sounds stupid (and it was) but literally had me crying with laughter. MG might think I'm crazy now (who are we kidding, he knows it!)

Coop is the doggy love of my life--you all know this. He had another seizure this week--it wasn't as intense as the last one, thankfully, and he came out of it ok, but it's still scary. Really hoping these decrease over time. But, on a happy note, the day after his seizure, while I was attempting to work out at home to Brooke Burke's DVD, this is what happened:
I had my own personal trainer (or something) thanks to Coop...too bad he was not really encouraging my workout to continue haha

{4}- Double Date
Tonight MG and I are going on a little double date with some friends of ours who live super close to us. It's been a bit since we got together so we're meeting up tonight for dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, Sweet Water Tavern, and probably have some drinks at one of our houses afterwards for a bit. I adore this couple so I'm really looking forward to our double date!
Don't worry, I got her approval
to post her pic on here ;)

My blog bestie, Shay, is IN LABOR!!!! She went to the hospital on Wednesday and yesterday the doctors induced her. Baby C should be arriving today or tomorrow and I'm SOOOO flipping excited for her! I can not wait to facetime with her once baby boy arrives, and to "meet" him! YAY for babies!!!

That's about it for me this week--pretty exciting note to end on! Definitely looking forward to a weekend of friends and some relaxation (mixed with a little more house project action in our entry hallway to finish that all up), and a new baby!!!
 I hope your weekend is filled with fun and friends!
I'll leave you with a funny I saw from Pinterest (which seems slightly appropriate since I just talked about going out to dinner)...
hehe, happy weekend, friends!


  1. The guest room looks great! Definitely totally opposite of the original inspiration you'd posted, but I like the direction you went in:) Hope you guys have a great time on your date tonight. Sounds super fun:) Drink a fun drink for me.

  2. Love the navy guestroom! Our bedroom is navy, just so classic. I still love the Coop pics. I need to post the ones I have of Sophie planking with me. I am so glad you have a work bestie. Makes it so much better and the days easier and someone to vent to who gets it. Have a good weekend lady!

  3. haha that last picture. Just about sums up a typical dinner with L!

    Happy weekend!

  4. I love, love, love the guest room! I'm really into the curtains and the comforter! Scout does the same thing to me when I work out! He doesn't get it... lol. Have a great weekend!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  5. Love the colors in your guest room!!

  6. guest room looks great! when can I come over and try it out?
    I love sweet water tavern! have anything there for me :)

  7. Your guest room looks fantastic! Love the color palette!

  8. This was a fun roundup! Budding friendships, new baby, and stylish guest room! I hope you're enjoying a restful Sunday evening, Jenn :)

  9. I'm super late commenting but thanks for having me be one of your Friday fAves! Guest room looks fabulous! Love it!


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