2014 Recap: {Jan, Feb, March}

I loved the idea of reviewing the year in smaller posts throughout the weeks leading up to the New Year!

Today's post recaps January, February and March which happened to be SUPER filled with all kinds of exciting things!

-Rang in the New Year with this guy:

-the first gifts from our registry arrived!

-My wedding dress came in and I had my first fitting in my dress (no clamps needed that time!)

-Sent out our wedding invitations:
this isn't our information--just the invitation templates we used
-1st bridal shower in PA thrown by MG's mom and sisters

-Tried a ton of new recipes!

-Watched the Olympics

-Had my second bridal shower (locally), thrown by my bestie, while MG was on his bachelor party

-Sent out thank you notes the same weekend!

-Had a ton of snow days! (and days off from school)

-Started looking at houses and going to open houses on the weekends

-had a Valentine's date night out

-Celebrated an early birthday in Philly with the nieces and my SIL (whose bday is the day before mine)

-Had our tasting at the wedding venue, got to see the table set up, and stuffed ourselves silly with all of the delicious options! And we made our food choices for the wedding day!

-Had my bachelorette party in Charlottesville VA at wineries with some of my best friends!
Love these ladies!!!
-We went to 3 Open Houses when I got back from my Bachelorette party, and ended up putting in an offer on our now-house because we fell in love with it! We found out on my birthday, that the offer was was accepted!

-Celebrated the big 3-1!

-Our friends signed off on renting our condo from us within the week of getting the house accepted (everything falls into place so easily when it's meant to happen!)

-More snow, and I began to wonder if I'd need to wear snowboots on my wedding day
(but Cooper enjoyed himself)
(he dug all of that snow out with his face....I'm not even joking)
-Picked up our wedding bands on one of the many snowy days, testing out MG's car's All Wheel Drive (it worked haha)

-MG went to Europe for work and got food poisoning, delaying his return back; luckily he got better and made it back only a day late

-DIY'ed my escort cards, table numbers and programs

Phew!! See what I mean?? Those were 3 JAM-PACKED months!! So glad I'm not recapping the whole year or you guys would be reading this post for a LONG time....

Stay tuned next week for April (Wedding month!!!), May and June recaps!


  1. The year of the wedding - ah...so much fun!! I can't believe MG got food poisoning in Europe - that's awful!!! I DIYed our escort cards too - it was a lot of fun!! Can't wait for more recaps!

  2. What a great start to your year! Definitely busy though! I can't wait to hear about the rest of your year!

    <3, Pamela

  3. What a neat neat idea! I may have to do something as a quick recap! Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to reading more of your blog and becoming a new follower!!

  4. What a great start to the year! I think you had a really good 2014 overall!

  5. It all seems like yesterday. I can't believe all you did in just those months! Here's to less snow this year.

  6. Your dress looks gorgeous and I love both of the wedding bands you selected!

  7. You guys definitely had a crazy busy start to the year, that's for sure! And it hasn't slowed down too much since then:) But so full of happy, good things! Can't believe 2014 is so close to drawing to a close. Hoping 2015 is just as great!!!

  8. Can't wait to hear about the rest of your year, because it seems like things started out awesome. Beautiful dress, rings, and house!

  9. Oh wow! The start of your year was very busy and filled with fun :D How exciting about the bridal and bachelorette parties as well as buying a new house! It is so nice when things fall into place :)

  10. Just found your blog! Congrats on a fun-filled first three months of 2014.

  11. I love this! Love all your wedding photos in this post. Can't wait to read about wedding month. :)

  12. wow! what a busy start to the year you ahead. I love the recap!

  13. Wow! That was a busy - yet exciting (!) - start to the year!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  14. That DOES sound like a busy start to the year! All that wedding goodness. How exciting!

  15. Oh such a busy start to your year. That dress looks gorgeous! How fun for the bachelorette party!! Such an exciting year!!

  16. What an amazing three months! I love your wedding dress! So awesome you got the house you wanted and on your birthday! I grew up in Chicago, but I do not miss the snow. Thank you so much for recapping. Looking forward to your next recap!

  17. You've had such a great 2014, and you've only recapped 3 months!!! But I know this was a good year for you :)


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