5 Favorites on Friday

I seriously can not believe how quickly this month is flying by! This time next week, I'll be wrapping things up at work and leaving for a 2 week break! Insane!!
Linking up with these ladies today!

{1} Inspiration
(it doesn't actually say MG)
I have a coworker right down the corridor from my office who is an older gentleman--very kind, smart and personable. He takes the time out of his day to say hello to me, and we share stories about the kids that we share, etc. He stopped by my office on Tuesday and said he read an inspiring story that morning, wanted to share it with someone, and thought of me. It's amazing what a little time and thoughtfulness can do to change your mood on a crummy, rainy day!

{2} New Ornament
MG and I are starting the tradition that I read about during the Blotgober link up, of getting a new ornament each year that symbolizes a big event from that year. Obviously we got married this year which was a HUGE event, but we already had a ton of ornaments from my bridal shower in January to commemorate that, so this year's ornament is to celebrate our first home together which is also a monumental occasion!

{3} Loft/ #ihaveaproblem
{all photos found here} See that free shipping sign?? It's like Big Foot--
You might see it once in a lifetime, but probably not twice!

The other day Amanda and I were emailing back and forth about various things, one of which was Loft, and we were complaining about how they never EVER have free shipping. And then that same day the free shipping fairies must have heard us because an email went out from Loft saying the next day would be free shipping.
Well, I took that opportunity to buy a crapload of stuff (at 50% off mind you)...so much so that I made two purchases in one day. Yes, I have a problem. (My closet being chock full of cute clothes will not be one of them, however!) 
 Take a look at some of my purchases this week (not counting the loot I got on Cyber Monday...seriously, Loft is my kryptonite)
P.S. that dress was only $48!!  #sorryimonlyalittlebitsorry

{4} Holiday Party
Tonight is my friend from work's holiday party at her house. She goes all out and has something like 7 trees fully decorated throughout her house (no joke, they are decorated to the nines)!! I seriously don't know how she does it!! It's always fun to hang out with work friends outside of work and this group is no exception! Should be a fun way to spend a Friday night :)

{5} 12-13-14
Did you realize that tomorrow's date is 12-13-14, and it's the last time that the month, day and year line up like this again until the 3000's? I'm a nerd and like fun facts like that. Don't judge me (but feel free to take that fun fact and share it!) :) #nerdyandiknowit

And on that nerdy but fun note, I hope you have a wonderful weekend filled with all kinds of holiday cheer!

My little bit of holiday cheer today is: 
Receiving little holiday treats from my work friends. It's always so nice to get a little something from someone unexpectedly to make you feel special, and bring out the holiday spirit that much more. My work bestie made me these cookies and oreo chocolate balls the other day and put them in a cute little package for me (and then told me she has another gift to give me closer to our Winter Break)
I have a surprise in store for her as well--I can't wait to give it! I think I get more excited about giving gifts sometimes than getting them!


  1. I hope you got that black dress with the sparkles because it's so pretty and festive!! I know so many people that are getting married tomorrow - and it's a saturday - best date ever lol!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend girl! xo

  2. I love the ornament tradition! Been doing it for years and it makes decorating the tree so much fun too! I hadn't thought about the date tomorrow! How fun!!

  3. That story about your coworker is so sweet. Sometimes the little things like that make a big difference! And that's so funny the day after you guys were complaining about shipping and then they offered free shipping the next day! I need to try that sometime! I didn't realize tomorrow was 12-13-14 but I bet a ton of people are getting married tomorrow! :) Happy Friday!

    <3, Pamela

  4. hahaha my boyfriend made SO much fun of me because I told him last year that this year would be the last of sequenced dates for a long time! I am glad there is a fellow nerd around!

    Love the ornament tradition!

  5. Such a sweet post all around! I'm loving all of those loft picks and I agree with B about the sparkly dress! Hope you guys have a fabulous weekend girl! xo

  6. Yay fo your cheer:) Thanks for sharing today! And girl, LOVING that dress. Total steal for $48. I'm thinking NYE? Yes? It would be perfect. But then again, a sequined dress is perfect for anything!:) Love! Have a great weekend!

  7. I would've never realized tomorrow is 12-13-14 lol! That's neat!
    I love the ornaments idea. Makes things more special. And I'm jealous of your shopping! I need new clothes so bad!

  8. I have no idea if my comment went through. I apologize if you have two from me! :) Love the ornaments though, I am an ornament junkie and get quite a few new ones each year :)

  9. Love the ornament, J and I are starting this tradition too. And oh I got in the on the Loft sale too, in the maternity section! Such cute stuff that does not make me want to puke. I may need to check the clothing budget.... but we haven't combined account yet, sooooo last hurrah on clothes! Today is our office christmas party at lunch, so it will be interesting to see what we do. xoxo

  10. ohh i love all your loft picks! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  11. I didn't even think about the fact that tomorrow was 12-13-14. It's one of my best friend's birthday!

  12. LOVE your little Christmas ornament! And if I hadn't just put a security deposit on a new place, I would have taken full advantage of that Loft sale! Moving in December sucks!!

  13. That ornament is too cute! And the Loft sale is the best!
    xo Southern Style

  14. No lie from that conversation I ordered a (few)....a ton of things as well and I got like 4 shipping labels from them. Wouldn't you know two of the pieces arrived on the same day but in different bags.....they really need to get it together!!!

  15. Love #2... what a great idea!!! Hope you had a great time at the party and had a great weekend!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  16. The ornament is so cute. We have that tradition too. It's so fun to look at all the years of ornaments with all the memories to go with them!

  17. I love the idea about an ornament representing a big event for the year!! I hope you can find something for every year....and if you're ever stuck in searching for something completely odd and can't find it, let me know--Bronner's Christmas Wonderland in Michigan has a bajillion different ornaments for pretty much anything you can think of. And I am NOT making that up!!! It's a pretty awesome trip to make to Frankenmuth if you ever get there :)


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