2014 Recap: {July, August, September}

Ahh, the summer months!
Here's what I was up to in July, August and September:

-Recapped the wedding dresses that didn't make the cut

-Finished staining the deck (it was quite a process!)

-Drove to Charleston for 4th of July with our friends; spent most of the day at the pool, then out in the city at night

-Spent a week in Kiawah, SC with MG's best friend and his gf in the cutest cottage ever, and saw gators!

-Went to our friends' beautiful wedding in Charleston
-Met the top male model for Polo there and tried to sneakily paparazzi him without him knowing

-DIY'ed a mirror re-paint
(still haven't figured out where to put that thing tho haha)
-did lots of reading on our deck

-Had a quadruple date with my friends from work and their significant others, and another date night with one of our favorite couple friends
-Went to NJ for our friends' parents surprise anniversary/vow renewal, and met up with some friends from home while up there (small world!)

-taped off, picked out paint (after like 9 samples) and painted the kitchen walls gray

-Recapped some awesome things from growing up that kids today won't understand

-Replaced the hideous 80's fixture in our dining room

-Painted our kitchen cabinets like an assembly line in our basement

-Had the kitchen turn out amazingly well! (all the hard work paid off!)
-Made a bunch of yummy new dishes!

-Went back up to the Shore to spend time with MG's family. Ran into my same friend from VA up there again!

-Read a bunch of books

-Went to my buddy Bree's Bachelorette party and had a TON of fun!

-Had my first week back at work, but started the week with these from MG:

-Painted our living room
still need to hang the photo ledges for our gallery wall
-Another school year started

-Did a gallery wall in our kitchen (and figured out the easiest way to do one)
-Went to my buddy Bree's beautiful Moroccan wedding

-Saw a comedy show with my girlies from work and our significant others (so funny!)

-Went up to Philly and met the newest member of the family, Burton the puppy (who even now looks nothing like a puppy anymore!)

These were definitely some jam-packed months, but super productive ones on the house, and full of lots of vacation time!

Next up, the last part of the year: October, November and December!!


  1. So much fun, weddings and sun in the summer - can't wait for another one hehe!! I can't believe you met the top model for polo - he sort of resembles Leo Dicaprio...a little!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  2. Dang girl! Your July-September was busy!! Love your DIY mirror! And major props for all the renovating of your kitchen! I'm sure that took awhile but it turned out great!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  3. You definitely have a lot of gorgeous friends that got married this year! Not going to lie seeing all those summer pictures kinda makes me want warm weather again.....even though I finally just got to bust out all my scarves and boots ;-) Hope you have a wonderful holiday this week! xoxoxo

  4. Still love the kitchen redo. And the Cooper photobomb in the mirror.

  5. Looks like such a fun summer! That shot of you reading on your deck looks so perfect and relaxing, I'm jealous! :)

  6. So fun!! You have me missing summer now:) y'all's house is so pretty- I am very impressed with the kitchen remodel! It looks amazing! And your deck looks like the most perfect place to relax and read! So fun. Merry Christmas Eve!:)

  7. Sounds like you got so much done and some fun trips too! I need to get my butt in order to start painting and upgrading stuff around the house. Love the color you painted the kitchen!

  8. LOVE your kitchen gallery wall, also the whole makeover-looks so awesome! I have contemplated panting my cabinets just have never done it in the end. How hard was it?

  9. Looks like a great summer. I'd love to go to a real Charleston wedding just to see if it still has the southern feel I always grew up knowing they'd have... You know, southern belles :). ha! I live in the midwest, I've always wondered :)


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