Our Christmas Decor

Now that Thanksgiving is done, and it's officially December, Christmas prep is in full swing!
MG and I took the opportunity over the Thanksgiving weekend to put up some decor, both inside and outside, and I thought I'd share some with you!

MG's dad brought down some Christmas lights for us, so we made good use of them outside. It really makes the house look so much more festive!

We put up our small tree from when we were in the condo (probably the last year we'll do one this small), and brought out the ornaments that we had gotten from one of my bridal showers that my SIL's and MIL threw for me last January. They had everyone bring an ornament to help us decorate our tree for our first Christmas as a married couple. MG and I sat and went through them all, unwrapping each ornament and hanging them while  we reveled in how loved we are. Here's a snapshot of a few of my favorites:
The Philly Love symbol was what we used on top of our wedding cake, the two married ornaments, and the Sisters Ornament that my SILs got for me, with all of our names on it :)
We now have an entryway and a staircase that we can decorate, so I got to work with some of the other decorations I'd collected previously, and some others from our shower. My mom bought the Naughty and Nice sign which I thought was cute, and my SIL got us the Days til Christmas blocks, and the holiday card holding tree which I can't wait to fill up as the holiday cards roll in!
I also hung Cooper's little stocking from the tiny tree :)

Our little entryway tree has a beautiful crystal angel mistletoe on it. Unfortunately we don't have a way of hanging it in the house without damaging the molding to one of our doorways so MG hung it in our baby tree and I think it looks beautiful.
I also took some of the ribbon and decorations from presents at my bridal shower and saved them. They've been put to use on our banister and adds a nice little touch of decoration when you first walk in.

In our living room, we have a touch of the holidays with a new pillow:

And on our door is the wreath I showed you guys the other weekend, along with another ribbon and an ornament that was too heavy for our tree, but I just loved, so I put her on the door, to watch over us this season, on the other door:

We also have two stockings that my friend is going to embroider for us, but I haven't figured out just where I want to put them yet.

I also want to make some other cute little things, like these snowmen, and then add to them as our family gets bigger:

I'm sure the longer we're in this house, the more decorations we'll accrue, and the more festive our house will look every year. For now, this is perfect and has brought a nice holiday warmth to our home!


  1. Absolutely love all your decor for the house!! The little touches on the entry way table and that you used your cake topper as an ornament is just so smart!! I'm realizing I need to add a few more touches to our place!! xo

  2. looks great! I love the naughty/nice sign. and it's sweet everyone bought an ornament to decorate the tree. super sweet

  3. LOVE the staircase and entry table!!

  4. I love seeing everyones Holiday decorations! I can't wait to get mine up and going!

  5. So SO cute! I love all of the details and especially lovin' on that pillow! I still can't get over how good the staircase runner looks too!

  6. How adorable! I love that everyone got you an ornament at your bridal shower and other Christmas decor; that's super sweet and special. Love all of the decorations!


  7. LOVE all the Christmas Decor! So cute! I love Christmas and decorating. It makes everything look so magical!
    P.S. is that white mirror frame in your entryway from Kohls? I have one similar that came as a set of three!

  8. I LOVE Christmas Decor! &Those sock snowman are killing me they are so cute! Love your house!

  9. Doesn't Christmas decor just make everything look more cheery? Love it! And LOVE that you can use your cake topper as a Christmas ornament. Great idea!:)

  10. The ornament idea from the shower is so clever! Love the reindeer pillow and the lights outside too! I didn't bother to go all out decorating my apartment since I'm going home for break at the end of next week, but I did put up some Christmas lights around my room and I love the festive look of them!

  11. So pretty!! I love your just married and sister ornaments!

  12. I love that idea about bringing ornaments for the shower!! That's one of my favorite things to get for a shower gift anyway but I really like that everyone is asked to bring one. Your house is gorgeous!!


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