Thanksgiving Weekend Highlights

There really is nothing better than having 4 days to enjoy family and be away from the stresses of work. You know, other than having more than 4 days off (which I didn't have, but would not have minded having haha).

My Thanksiving weekend highlights included:

~MGs parents getting into town Wednesday afternoon

~Dinner out in Old Town with them, that started off with a very delicious dirty martini

~Cuddles with the pups after they wore themselves out playing

~Yummy and fun appetizers while Thanksgiving food was cooked on Thursday

~Pretty flowers picked out by MG

~A fully set table, with tons of delicious foods, and a special wine paired specifically for a Thanksgiving meal that we got at one of the wineries we went to the other weekend
~Getting to use so many of our wedding gifts with dinner

~Celebrating our first Thanksgiving as a married couple, but even more fun--in our new house, with both sets of parents!

~Full tummies from all of the delicious Thanksgiving foods!

~Stories shared, laughs laughed and lots of memories made with our family

~Friday morning drive to PA to see the rest of MG's family

~Seeing MG's old house from when he grew up

~Bowling and arcade games with MG's sister, husband and kids!

~Shopping for MG's birthday, running into friends from VA at the mall in PA, foot massages at the mall, and dinner out with the family to celebrate MG's bday

~puppy dressed in Christmas sweater (MG's parents' dog)

~Family photo selfie

~Dancing  with both of my SIL's in the basement to oldies music

~Wine in Christmas glasses

~ice cream b-day cake

~Sunday morning drive back to VA to beat the traffic

~Decorating for Christmas (I'll be showing you pics soon of all of our little touches of the holidays at our place!)

~Thanksgiving leftovers!!

And just like that, it's December 1st and there's 24 days until Christmas!
And I need to work out like it's my job this week lol
Hope you have a good post-holiday Monday!

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  1. What a fantastic weekend!! Funny thing I just noticed - your husband and Gary were wearing the same shirt this weekend - great wives think alike LOL!!! I'm so happy your first thanksgiving hosting was a success and that turkey app looks so good!!! Happy Monday girl!! xo

  2. Sounds like a really fun weekend. That meat & cheese plate is super cute.

  3. eeeek! I love ALL of this ANNNND I received the most GORGEOUS Christmas card in the mail and I'm in love! So pretty! xoxo

  4. What a great weekend!! All of that food looks amazing! How cute is the cheese and meat platter turkey? So creative!

    <3, Pamela

  5. Looks like the perfect weekend! Gotta love snuggle time with the pup :)

  6. I can't believe it's already only 24 days til Christmas now. Wow! Time sure flies. Loved that cute turkey cheese platter that you put out - definitely Pinterest worthy:) So glad you guys had a good time hosting your first Thanksgiving:)

  7. Where did you go out in Old Town on Wednesday? We had Thanksgiving dinner at Jackson 20!

  8. What an amazing feeling to be in your home with both of your families! I can't wait for that day!

  9. OMG I love that turkey! I always bring the cheese and crackers on Thanksgiving and I'm so making that next year!

  10. Mmm now I want a dirty martini. That cheese Turkey is so cute. I would love to host a family dinner, but we are too far away!

  11. Sounds like an awesome Thanksgiving!! So exciting that it was your first Thanksgiving as a married must have felt good to host it too! Its funny you mentioned working out this week because I have been on exercise kick because of all the eating/drinking surrounding Thanksgiving!

  12. Wow-- sounds like a great and busy Thanksgiving! That's so great that you were able to be with both of your families! Also-- I love the cheese turkey. What a cute touch!

  13. I'm glad you had such a great thanksgiving in your new house!! Looks like the whole weekend was awesome :)


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