Hashtag Humpday

I'm linking up with Lauren today for Hashtag Humpday today, and this post is gonna be a mish mash of all kinds of random stuff, so get your random pants on!

#Hashtaghumpday @ Genuinely Lauren

We got our first snow of the season yesterday and our school district didn't even give a delay while ALL the other areas around us were delayed or cancelled (including universities). Buses were in accidents and people were commuting for more than 2 hours. #closeFCPS was a worldwide trending topic on Twitter.
#FCPSmessedup should have been too!

They eventually apologized after the outrage and gave teachers who couldn't make it in administrative leave #waytoredeemyourself

They also called a 2 hour delay for this morning by 7pm last night #extrasleep #dontmindifido

I finished Dark Places on Monday night and I'm happy to be done reading it. I'll review it later, but basically, I'm ready for something a little less dark #darkandgloomy 
Bachelor premiered on Monday night and as much as I love me some Bachelor drama, I was kinda put off by the red carpet and hour long nonsense before the actual show. #itsalittlemuch #justgetonwithitalready

Speaking of, Lacy seemed super fake during the red carpet interview... #yourenotinapageant 
Given, the Red Carpet was kinda awkward in general, but still #awkwardnessmakesgoodtelevision

I emailed an etsy seller recently about an order I had placed before Christmas, in hopes it would arrive on or before Christmas Day, asking when it was going to ship. She responded with an excuse and said she'd be back to work that day. Still didn't answer my question so I asked, again, when it was going to ship. She wrote me saying she was making it that day, after sending me a shipment notification #somethingdoesntadduphere #answermydamnquestion

Despite not 100% feeling it the last two days, I've stuck to making myself work out each day. And I'm always glad that I did when I'm done. #gettingoverthelazyhump #fitin2015
My friend told me that when you return clothes that you bought online to the store, that it counts against the store's sales. And now I feel this overwhelming sense of shame when I do this.
Not enough to stop doing it, of course. But shame nonetheless. #girlsgottashop

I'll save some randomness for later! Hope you have a hump-tastic Wednesday!


  1. The red carpet nonsense was so stupid for the premier - just get to the good stuff!! I seriously could not get over how almost all the girls this season are stunning...scary and crazy, but stunning nonetheless!! Glad you're getting more sleep today!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  2. I was definitely ready to move on to something lighter after reading Dark Places too! It's umm yeah. LOL! And what the heck with that Etsy seller? Sometimes I hate Etsy for that reason... I had a similar issue happen to me. I ended up getting it like 2 months later!

  3. The only book I've read by Gillian Flynn is Gone Girl - not sure if I want to subject myself to any dark and gloomy material right now, and I think that's her forte, lol! And goodness - how frustrating of that Etsy seller to be so evasive with you. I've only had good experiences through Etsy so far, but it is an independent marketplace, so you never know what kind of seller you might end up dealing with. If the product doesn't end up being exactly what you expect, I would DEFINITELY leave her a negative review so that other potential buyers can get the heads up. Also - I had no idea about returns counting against the store. It won't stop me either, as returning in store is so much more convenient than waiting weeks for mail to go through and returns to be credited. But still, interesting to note!

  4. I agree about the Red Carpet, it was kinda lame!

  5. I am excited to read your review of Dark Places! I loved Gone Girl, and have heard a few people say that Dark Places was better..so I'm curious to see what you think. That's so frustrating about the Etsy seller...hopefully she ships it soon! The one thing I don't like about Etsy is how long things take to ship...I'm so spoiled by larger online stores and their ability to get me my order in like three days haha!

  6. Oh I love to buy online and return in store... its the name of my game. Glad you got some extra rest today and aren't scared to drive! and WTF etsy seller....hello its your job!

  7. I always buy online and return! Especially if they don't have what I'm looking for in the store, not my fault ;) I was also not a fan of the red carpet premiere. Lacey to me always looks that way, Andi's fake smile wore me out, and I didn't want to hear Nikki say "we just had a difference in lifestyles" one more time!! Love your hashtags haha

  8. First of all I hope you're feeling better and way to go on the workouts! Second of all- send us snow please! haha and a delay! (if not a closing) So agree with you about spacy lacey and the 'red carpet' I was just ready for the farmer! (mm mm mm) Also, in a nutshell whats the book about? I hate to admit but dark and scary are my fav reads so I'm intrigued! Anyway, hope your Wednesday is fabulous soul mate! xoxo

  9. 1. I can't believe they didn't close school for that!! That's nuts.
    2. Seriously with the pre-bachelor s#!t. Can we just get on with it?? I'd rather not be up until 11pm watching this trainwreck! Lol
    3. I used to feel bad for returning online purchases in the store. But most of the stuff I buy online they don't sell in stores (thanks to being tiny and having to buy petites). So if they're not going to sell it in the store, then I blame them for having to shop online and returning everything because I can't try it on first! ;)

  10. oh damn I never knew that about returning stuff. I always return to the store instead of shipping it back eek!! I know that lazy hump all too well!!

  11. Ugh, Lacy! She makes me cringe!! Stay safe on the roads!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  12. can't wait to read your review of dark places, it's been on my reading list for months!

    Makeshift Munch

  13. Thanks for linking up Jenn! That snow day stuff is crazy. We had snow in early November here and it was like the world was ending and no one knew how to drive. It also was like 9 inches though and our usual snow looks like your first picture - just a dusting. Anyways I'm super jealous that you are killing it with workouts even at not feeling 100%. I have a tiny cough and I'm like "nope" not making it to the gym...


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