Honeymoon Recap {Part 2}

I'm back, as promised, to finish my recap of our honeymoon that I was super late posting in the first place, so if you missed part 1, go put on some sunglasses, a swimsuit, grab a tropical drink and get caught up here.

The day after our tour around Antigua, we spent by the pool, relaxing some more, eating the delicious homemade pizza they had poolside, and drinking some tasty tropical beverages. In the afternoon, some of the staff came around in costumes with a band and paraded around the pool to the music. I think it was because of Easter weekend coming up (but I can't remember for sure)
During the day, we took a stroll along the length of the beach, past another resort, just to get a bit of exercise in, and see the views. And take a selfie of course :)

That night, before dinner we decided to grab some drinks and sit by the firepits on the beach, near the ocean and watch the sunset. There is nothing better than having your husband, a dirty martini, and an ocean sunset. There just isnt.

Afterwards, we had dinner at a restaurant on the beach. Eating dinner with your toes in the sand is definitely under-rated. :)

The next day was another lounge-y relaxing one for us. No cares in the world. Quality time, kindle reading, pool swimming. And another sunset viewed from our room. We had dinner and then met up with one of the couples from the other night since it was their last night at the resort before they headed back home.

The next day was Easter Sunday and our last full day on the resort. We soaked up every minute of the day with some walks on the beach and lots of time poolside.
We had on our easter colors for the day!
That night, we'd arranged to go up to Shirley Heights (shown on the Bachelorette during Ali's season) where you can watch the sunset above the entire island. 
Along the way, we stopped at an old fort, and got a great view from up top (along with a lot of wind!):
At Shirley Heights they serve food and drinks, and there's live music playing. It's such a cool experience. We went with a few other couples from our resort, and ended up making friends with two of the couples that evening (who'd both gotten married the same day we did, too)
small panoramic with just my iPhone camera

After the sunset, we stayed and had some food, drinks and danced a bit to the music before it was time to head back.
When we got back to the resort, the 6 of us hung out at the bar for a bit before turning in.

The next morning was our last at the resort, so we wallowed in how sad we were going to be to be leaving such a beautiful place to go back to reality.
My view from our balcony every morning

Hopefully one day we'll get to go back, but if we never do, we made some amazing memories there and got to spend some great quality time together during our first week as husband and wife, we met some great people, and I wouldn't change a thing about the entire trip! 

Thoughts for Thursday


  1. Are you so excited that soon you'll be back in paradise?! I just love everything about your honeymoon!! We didn't really make any friends on our honeymoon that sort of makes me sad lol! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  2. You are really making me want to go on vacation someplace tropical girl!! That water is amazing! Jealous you got to go there!!

  3. I need these photos on a snowy day like this!

  4. Take me there, please! My goodness these pictures make me want out of this grey, cold day so badly!!! And just think - you guys get a tropical vacation again in just a couple of months. Woohoo!!!:)

  5. L-o-v-e!! Ahhh I usually like winter but this has me dreaming of cocktails and bikinis!

  6. So pretty! I love all the mountain views and of the ocean!

  7. How fabulous! I could go for a tropical vacation right about now!

  8. Gosh, it's so dreamy there!! You're so lucky you got to soak this up on your honeymoon!!

  9. That looks so peaceful and relaxing! And how cool to be there over Easter :)

  10. this just look amazing!! you're convincing me more and more to go here for ours!!!


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