I just wanted to start off today's post with a heart felt thank you to each of you who commented and reached out to me via email and phone calls yesterday after my post. It's scary letting people into your private personal life, but it's amazing when so many incredible people reach out and let you know they're there for you. You ladies are the absolute best!
Anyway, I figured after yesterday's emotional/heavy post, it'd be good to do something a little more fun and light.
And what's lighter than Bachelor?? :)
I rarely do recaps, but this week's episode was worthy of comment. Lots and lots of comments, so here goes:
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-Holy awkward first date with Carly! I'm not sure how they made it through all of that awkwardness. I just hope they both used some mouthwash before all of that heavy breathing in each others' faces #listerine
-Britt. I liked her in the beginning. But this girl not only sleeps in her make-up but applies it BEFORE going to bed?? That's a bit much. 
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-I'm also pretty sure she had a hole in her pants when she found out about her date.
If not, it was a poorly timed/placed reflection of the ABC logo
-And what's with the no showering thing? Gross! (how do I look this good without showering??)...
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-Also, if you were that afraid of heights, you would have been petrified to basically be in a BASKET flying in the AIR several feet off of the ground.
But, as I said on Twitter, 

-I liked Jordan's bag. She looks much prettier when she's not wasted. Or upside down. Or wasted, upside down.
-Ashley I is a mean girl. I get that you don't want a girl to come back, but it doesn't mean you need to be nasty to her. And, she didn't even act on what she was saying because she smiled and gave Jordan a hug when she left. #fakeyfakefake
-She is too superficial. Going on and on about how she didn't have a "story" and how Kelsey's story was "better" than hers. I'm sorry but in no way is having a husband die a better "story" you loser #itssohardbeingadisneyprincess

-At least Ashley I. didn't have another suck-face-a-thon this episode #praisetheheavens

-Kelsey. Oh where to start?
First of all, her story about her husband I really felt for. Until she started being all creepy about it and being like "I love my story"  and how it's tragic, but amazing. And then she makes out with him??? I've never been in her position but I can't imagine after telling the story of my husband dying that I'd be in the mood to make out.
It really bothers me that she basically is trying to use a tragedy to her "advantage". Ew. Get out. Go home. Have a panic attack elsewhere.
{via} The look on your face is exactly how I feel. Insert expletive here.
That's it for this week. I can only imagine the crazy that's coming up in next week's episode!

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  1. I could not agree more with everything you wrote!! I was like wow suddenly she's not scared of heights anymore, but I guess it's only if she had to jump off something!! And Kelsey...girl is CRAZY....like needs to be committed for her "story" and how amazing it is!! And did she think she auditioned for a telanovela and not the Bachelor!? Cant even wait for next week...they have sucked me in! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  2. I haven't been able to faithfully watch as much as last season but reading your recaps are perfect keep them coming! Wait she puts it ON to go to bed????

  3. Agree with every point you made 100%. I loved Britt from the beginning, but the whole no showering and then sleeping in makeup really threw me off (side note: Chris was like "she looks just as pretty when she's sleeping as when she's awake" - uh, YAH...that would be because she's sleeping in lipstick idiot!) Ashley I (aka Princess Jasmine) needs to GO home. Take her fake eyelashes, weave, hoochie dresses, and poor attitude and hit the road. She's yucky. And Kelsey? Well, don't even get me started on her. I almost can't even make fun of her because I seriously think there's some mental issues there. Who does that? Who signs up for a dating show less than a year after losing their husband? (she had to have signed up months ago, as the process takes awhile) And then talks about his death as if it's a novel? So freaking weird. I thought crazy Ashley was as weird as it got before she left, but now I'm pretty convinced that Kelsey is the real deal when it comes to nut jobs.

  4. Well this is sheer perfection! haha How about Jenn, will you accept my rose?? :) :)

  5. Bachelor was a straight up mess this week. I miss Ashley S! Hahaha! I really want to know how Brit's hair looks that good if she isn't showering. Also, I thought Kelsey was a looney toon since day 1. Something always felt rehearsed...she might be a robot. I'm on Team Whitney!

  6. There is so much train wreck just in one season... The Bachelor is really losing it's touch of finding true love and now more of a mix of Jersey Shore and The Real World. But I can't stop watching, lol.

  7. HA! I haven't watched the Bachelor until Monday night and I echo your thoughts about Kelsey. What a crazy person using her tragic situation to try and "win." And when I saw that she was a Guidance Counselor, I about died. She is going to lose her job!

  8. HA!! I love this! Your words are spot on! Kelsey needs to go home like NOW! I liked her in the beginning but after last episode her true colors really started to show--no thanks!

  9. Such a good recap! I have a huge fear of heights and I can promise you that you will never find me in a hot air balloon-doesn't matter who you are I am not getting in! So I can't imagine that Britt's fear is that bad. The Carly date was awful but I do like her more and more. Kelsey is straight up crazy! At first I felt for her and then I suddenly felt like she should be investigated for her husband's death. She just seemed so calculated and scary when she was saying my story is amazing. I'm so interested to see what happens next week with this "panic attack" she's having.

  10. haha....didn't even notice the hole in Britt's pants! So funny..

  11. Hahahaha I don't even watch the Bachelor and I feel like I know all I need to know from this post! So funny. Thanks for linking up!!

  12. Agree agree agree on all parts of this post! The very first ep, i thought i'd really like Kelsey and now i can't stand her #getgonebitch. Also Ashley I... eek, giving a bad name to us Jersey girls! ha!

  13. These girls seemed pretty normal at first! Oh and theres still a girl named Samamtha apparently? Who is she? I like Whitney, Jade, and Carly.

  14. The girls also said that Britt isn't ready to settle down but she tells Chrus what he want to hear. I'm sure there is more to come on that.


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