{Product Review}: Firmoo Glasses

I was contacted a couple of weeks ago from a representative at Firmoo. I'm sure you guys have heard of them through other bloggers, as I had, so I was excited when I was given the opportunity to try out their website and a pair of their glasses.
Picking out the frames was difficult because there were so many to choose from.
I liked that the site offered a way for you to "try on" the glasses virtually.
I think it is difficult to get an accurate feel for it though because it all depends on what size picture you upload. I wish there was something that modified the picture for a "real life" size. 
It was nice to get a general idea of how they would look though since that's sometimes the hardest part of picking out new frames.
I was then allowed to pick whether I wanted prescription lenses or regular.
I have horrrrrrrible eyesight so I definitely went for the prescription lenses. I needed assistance uploading my prescription on the website since it just sat there and was "thinking" for about 10 minutes, several times, before I gave up and emailed my contact at Firmoo to input it for me.

After that, my glasses shipped super fast and arrived really quickly. They came with a case, a cleaning cloth and a little glasses fix-it kit (screwdriver, etc.)

I loved the tortoise shell look of the frames. The only thing I had difficulty with was the glasses slipping off of my nose when I looked down. I was told that this meant the glasses were too big and I needed to get some pads for the glasses. 
I didn't do this, but just push them up as high as they'll go and they usually work for the small time that I wear my glasses at home anyway.

The frame is chunky but cute I think.

I think firmoo is a great choice for affordable frames. If I was looking for new frames, I'd definitely look into trying them out again.

*I was given a free pair of glasses in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.*


  1. They look amazing on you girl!!! I gave Gary the chance to review them since I don't wear glasses and now I'm regretting not getting a pair that just didn't have correction lenses lol!! Love the pair you got! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  2. Very cute! The slipping would annoy me but I wear my glasses all day long. I saw firmoo around but I don't think glasses are an online purchase I can make. I'm too blind and my lenses are too thick.

  3. Ahhh you look so cute in those!!! I definitely remember the days of my glasses slipping! I still occasionally "push them back up"even though they arent there any more haha!!

  4. Love these on you! I'm with B, I'm giving my review to Mark because I've had Lasix.....soooo many years of contacts and glasses! Great to hear how easy they are to work with!

  5. Love them! I got a pair from Firmoo a couple years ago - they're still holding up!

  6. These look so cute on you! Ugh, I feel like slipping is so common with most glasses!

  7. Love these on you! My Firmoo prescription glasses are actually my favorite pair - I like them so much more than the couple pairs I got from the eye doctor.

  8. Love those frames on you!! You are SO cute!

  9. Someone pass the salt bc I seriously want to eat you up! (hahaha so creepy) you are presh! Hope everything is going well in your household! Have a great day! xo

  10. Those look GREAT on you! I might have to check them out! I've never had more than one pair of glasses at a time!

  11. you look adorable! i like the "chunky" but cute look too - i have my kate spade ones - very similar to these!

  12. You look adorable! I love those frames on you. I was defintely impressed with Firmoo as well! xoxo


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