Weekend Highlights

Another Summer weekend in the books, and yet another one that flew by in the blink of an eye! 

My weekend highlights included:

~Heading up to Philly Friday afternoon since our friends who live in Minnesota were in town for their daughter's baptism

~Getting to meet the newest, cutest member of their adorable family:
~Played chase, hide-and-go-seek, and tickle war with their two boys (MG was a huge hit)

~Sushi dinner out with our friends and meeting up with the rest of our friends' brothers and significant others in Wayne afterwards
~Discovered a new, delicious drink

~Early Saturday morning with a stop by to see our friends again, play with the boys, and get a little bit more time with the baby (and so MG's parents could meet the baby, too)
I die watching MG with these two...
~Went to our oldest niece's lacrosse tournament and watched her team kick butt!
~My other SIL and her kids came to watch the game and hang out as well. Got some quality niece time in, which included hair braiding and headbands :)
~Tried to hide from the crazy heat (thank goodness for golf umbrellas!)

~Afternoon, post-game cool off in the pool
~Movie night! Kids went to see Pitch Perfect, guys went to see Ant Man, and the ladies went to see Magic Mike XXL!
~Snuck wine and Skinnygirl into the theater like we were teenagers 

~Enjoyed the man candy and the hotttttttt moves--was so fun seeing it with my SIL's
~Will never be able to look at a certain morning tv host the same way again

~Early on the road the next morning...Cooper made himself comfy!
~Finished my book--review coming!

~Made it home with little traffic, ran errands and grabbed a late lunch at Yard House

~Watched Ex Machina in the basement (the cool cool basement, on one of the hottest days of the year)--wasn't sure what to expect but it was good, and interesting!

Stayed inside as much as possible because it was SO freaking hot all day!
As you can tell, it was a jam-packed weekend! I'm so so so happy we got to see our friends who were in town, and all of the family time!

I hope your weekend was fun-filled and not sweat-filled :)
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  1. Dang girl! Sounds like you had an awesome weekend! I still haven't seen the first Magic Mike :( And Cooper looks so cute in that pic! SO comfy! Glad you had a great weekend!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  2. So glad you were able to spend the weekend with family and finding ways to fight the heat!!

  3. I know what you mean about yesterday being so hot - it was almost miserable!!! So glad you had a great time with your friends and family - you know how I feel about our men with kids/babies - melts my heart!! Happy monday girl! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. UGH - the heat was suffocating! But so glad you had a good wknd. Even the busy ones are so much fun, they just take time to recover. That pool pic with the drink in your hand left me totally jealous! haha To me just being at an outdoor event in the summer; pool, baseball game, concert, etc screams adult beverage!

  5. Yay for little traffic, girls movie night, and beverages by the pool! And how adorable are all those pics with the kids and the new baby :)

    Have a fabulous week gurlie <3

  6. That baby is absolutely adorable! And so are the two cuties playing t-ball :-)
    Also SO JEALOUS of your pool time..I have seen one too many posts with pools lately, and I am having major issues with the fact that no one I know in Minnesota has one!

  7. You had a busy weekend lady! I still haven’t seen Magic Mike, but want to!

  8. Such an awesome weekend, that little girl is adorable! :)

  9. Glad that you had a fun weekend! Love that you snuck wine into the movie theater. :)

  10. Such a full weekend but it looks like a great one! You guys are champs for sitting out in that hot sun for the game! Loving the pool time and all the family time you got in. YAY for Wayne - where did you guys go?!

  11. wow what a busy weekend! that lil baby is going to be so spoiled! glad you had a good time. glad to see all the smiley happy faces

  12. Oh yay! You got to see Magic Mike! Please tell me it was better than the first one! I'm planning a girls trip soon.

  13. Looks like you all had a great weekend! That new baby is so precious :)

  14. pretty sure you look ready for you own baby.

  15. Looks like such a good weekend. There is something about men & babies/kids that is just irresistible. I still need to see Pitch Perfect 2 & Magic Mike XXL. Happy Monday!

  16. Sounds like a good weekend! Sneaking wine into a theatre is genius haha!

  17. She is just too precious!!! Oh my goodness. And this heat is ridiculous! I don't know how you guys played outside for as long as you did, bleh I could use some winter time right now.

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  18. I love sneaking adult bevs into movie theaters......it reminds me of the days back in high school doing that at football games ;-) So glad to hear that movie was good I think I need to grab some girlfriends and go finally!

  19. Looks like it was a fun weekend. The heat was horrible this weekend.

  20. that's a jam packed weekend! lots of fun. snuck in wine, awesome! haha . have a great week :)

  21. Seriously! What a slam packed weekend! But it at least was fun! Love watching DG with babies, too! Hope your Monday has been easy. :) xo

  22. Love that you snuck booze into the movies, hahahahaha! You guys look cute with kids. Are you thinking about having one anytime soon? Love Cooper! Thanks for linking up!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  23. You guys always pack a lot into your weekends!! Cute kiddos ;)


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