2015 Year in Review: {July, August, Sept}

Time for the fun of the Summer months! This one is extra picture-heavy because of how much we did during these months, so apologies in advance (altho I always love photos!)

~Finished up our guest bathroom reno, a much bigger project than we'd originally anticipated
~Got a new monster grill (MG's favorite new toy)

~Celebrated the 4th of July in Philly

~Started working at summer school

~Had a party at the house with some of our friends
~Read a bunch of books: Paper Towns (boo), Wild (yay), Bread & Wine (double yay!)

~Jessi and I started our What's Hap-"Pinning" Wednesday link up!

~Went back up to Philly to see our friends from MN who were in town, and finally got to meet their adorable new baby girl, and go out for a night on the town with them (since they had built-in grandparents for babysitters!)
~Saw Magic Mike XXL with my two sisters-in-law, and my MIL--amazing!

~Got a bunch of stuff from the Nordstrom sale
~Went to see The Book of Mormon, which was my gift to MG for our anniversary
~Discovered the magic of Cize, and am still loving it!
~Got to meet two of my friends' new baby boys
~Got my Kate Spade watch that I'm still in love with and wear probably more than any of my watches, and discovered Essie's Limo Scene nail polish color--one of my faves:
~Had friends over for dinner and cooked vegan for the first time!

~Went to Chicago for a long weekend with MG--and it quickly became one of my most favorite cities! (Check out the recap here)
~Reviewed the awesome Mira water bottle (like the Swell bottles, but half the price--a great stocking stuffer gift!)
~Went into DC and watched my friend's husband DJ at the W hotel
~Had 2 of our favorite couple friends over for a dinner party at our house
~Got a Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award and answered some questions about myself

~Headed up to the shore in NJ for a week with the fam and had some fabulous guest posters while I was away

~Started back at work and got my office organized for another school year
~Had a weekend of date nights with MG in the city
~Teamed up with Owen and Meghan to talk about the #GiveGrace campaign
~Rocked my earrings from a Rocksbox set (that I eventually bought) to a double date dinner at Mussel Bar with one of our favorite couple friends
~Read The Royal We and absolutely loved it!
~Had another happy hour blate with Christy
~And in the following weekend had a triple date with friends, and a double blate with Christy and The Pilot (2 blates in a week!)
~Went to my friend/coworker's baby shower, and won a prize by doing the word scramble (my baby shower game of choice!)

~Talked about the fluffy love of my life, Cooper, before his 7th birthday

Phew! I told you that was a lot! The summer months were definitely packed with tons of fun trips, friend and family time! 
The next post will be on these last 3 months of the year right before the end of 2015: October, November and December!

Merry Christmas Eve, friends!!


  1. Wow you were busy this summer! I love that the majority of it was spent with the people you love the most--that's always the best!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  2. A bunch of really great photos and memories here! I have still never been to Chicago but it's definitely on my list. So glad that you started the link-up this past summer, it's quickly become one of my favorites!

  3. So much fun with friends and traveling to amazing places! Love Chicago and your pretty earrings from Rocksbox. I just received a similar Kendra Scott pair that I'm tempted to buy. Merry Christmas lovely lady!

  4. So much fun family time this summer. Love that bathroom update, seriously one of my favs that you have done. xoxo Merry Christmas!

  5. You had such a fun filled summer! We went to Chicago this summer too and absolutely loved it! Your guest bathroom renovation turned out so wonderfully! Can't wait for your last recap of 2015!

  6. You got a lot done those 3 months! Guest bathroom looks great! Can't wait to visit and poop there ;)
    Trish - tales from trish

  7. I bought both my brother-in-law and his wife Mira bottles for Christmas, and they are loving them!


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