Wednesday, September 28, 2016

WHW {#60}

Happy What's Hap-"Pinning" Wednesday friends!! Hopefully the week is whizzing by and treating you right!
Reading ...
Another book by Diane Chamberlain, Keeper of the Light. This one is the first in a series that was published a while back (in the 90s I think). I'm only about 8% of the way in, according to my Kindle, but I do like her writing so much! Hopefully this one's a winner!
Watching ...
Well, I watched the presidential debate on Monday, like everyone else who was on Twitter and Facebook lol. But in terms of actual tv, I'm watching The Big Bang Theory now that it's back, This Is Us on NBC (good so far!) and of course all of my Housewives and Below Deck peeps!

I've totally been on the health train lately (said in a sarcastic tone). I had Chipotle for dinner on Monday night since MG was out of town. I did have a salad on Tuesday night for dinner, but then added a bunch of blue cheese dressing so I guess that counteracted my good choice with the salad. And let's not even talk about the decadent meal we had at Flemming's SteakHouse when my SIL came to visit with her husband and our oldest niece. Ah well--that's what working out is for, right??

Looking forward to ... 
Our Minnesota trip next weekend! We'll do our annual trip to see our friends and their three adorable kids, and get to go to the Vikings game in the new stadium!

MG didn't have to go away for work again this week, but he'll be back this weekend thankfully, so all is not lost!

Enjoying ...
spending time with my mom. She came over on Monday night and we spent the evening together hanging out and catching up. Definitely a nice way to take advantage of MG being out of town with some mother-daughter time!

the La Croix Seltzer waters are my favorite, especially the mixed flavor ones. I still havent tried the blackberry cucumber one since it's been out of stock every time I go to get it at Target (note: it's usually at least a dollar or more cheaper at Target than the grocery store!)
that our oldest niece is looking at going to Catholic University which would mean that she'd be close to us! Her parents are ok with her going there, too, since we'll be close by. It's still a ways off, but she really liked the campus and it would be fun to have our niece nearby during her college years!

Wanting ... 
Friday to get here because PAYDAYYYYYYY finally!!!!

Wearing ...
my new MK camel flats! Since the temps have been more Fall-like than Summer, these puppies got busted out yesterday and are so super cute, I just love them! And that comfy shirt I got at Target this past weekend that I posted about on Monday. (Might have to go pick it up in black!)

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Grateful For...
Cooper. He's always there to give a cuddle or a little kiss, but I especially appreciate him when MG is gone. Plus, every morning when I go to pick him up off the bed, he rolls over for a belly rub. Spoiled pup, but we love him so much!

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  1. Cooper is just a doll! Your dinner at Flemings looking delicious! Yum!

  2. I'm ready for Friday too because I desperately need to get paid haha!!!! Love your MK flats--that color goes with everything. And I've eaten at Flemmings once and it was so good! I keep saying we need to go back so your food pictures may have given me some motivation ha!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  3. It may not be healthy but your Flemming's meal looks delicious! Cooper is too cute!

  4. seriously cooper is the cutest! as are those flats! i love the camel color and never wear it enough. cheers to trying to be on the healthy eating train but also just eating some yummy stuff bc why not! i need to try some of those la croix flavors - i keep forgetting so thanks for the reminder!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  5. Isn't Flemings the best?! We always get the giftcards at Costco and then go to town :-) Those flats look so comfy, I adore the color of them.

  6. Love those flats and that pup! Glad he'll be there for the weekend AND that it'll be paydaaay!!! :) muah!

  7. Love those flats! Those are so cute and the color will be very versatile for the fall months!

  8. i love the look of flats but they look awful on my feet! i have the worst fred flintsone feet (big, flat, square) so i really should be putting my feet into the boxes, not the shoes :(

  9. Yay for cute flats! & for your niece being close by.. oh & for PAYDAY! Haha I have not gotten a paycheck since my last week before having baby back in June! Eeeek! Haha

  10. The flats are so cute as in Coop. I just never got into the LaCroix at all and I wanted to so much.

  11. I am obsessed with La Croix water! The lime is my favorite, and I probably drink three a day. I like that they are sodium free! Love those super cute flats girl!
    xo, Whitney and Blaire
    Peaches In A Pod

  12. That picture makes Cooper look so small! What a little nugget!! Those flats are ADORABLE and probably match almost everything! Love pieces like that! Have a great day! XOXO, R

  13. LOVE the La Croix sparkling waters, and YAY for the return of Big Bang Theory and now getting hooked on This is Us as well. Cue all the tears <3
    Green Fashionista

  14. ooooh those flats are cute! love the colour. and wow, that meal at Flemming's looks amazing. i've totally been on the health train lately too.. LOL. but really, how else am i supposed to eat a salad, i HAVE to drown it in yummy dressing.

  15. Oh cooper is so sweet and cute! He looks just like my Ginger, morning cuddles are the best! I am loving This is US as well! I am jealous of your fall weather!

  16. Dogs are the best companions.

    I watched the pilot of This is Us and liked it a lot.

    Hurrah for Minnesota weekend and time with mom, plus the possibility of your niece being close during college!

  17. We love Big Bang, too! I don't hear many people talk about it, so it's good to see there are others out there who like it! And This is Us... OMG! So good.

  18. Yay I did one of these posts today too! I am LOVING This Is Us. I love the flip flopping from the part to the future! Can't wait to see what happens! The second book I'm reading right now was written in the 80s and it is 100% obvious. It's not very good to be honest but I'm gonna finish it anyway.

  19. That is so great you've been spending one-on-one time with your momma. I swear they are just the best aren't they? You sound like me with the food... have a salad and load it with ranch or blue cheese, kinda defeats the purpose but oh well haha

  20. I hate the whole "wishing for the weekend" mentality but GIRL, I feel you. I am so ready for Friday! It's also my pay day! :) your pup is so cute! I've never tried La Croix! I'm not a big fan of carbonated waters!

  21. Those flats are super cute! Love the color.

  22. Cooper is so cute! I usually flavor my own carbonated water, but I have tried a couple of the La Croix ones and they are good.

  23. Minnesota will be such fun! I remember last year it looked like you guys had a blast - can't wait to read all about it!

  24. Yum; that Fleming's meal looks and sounds delicious!!! I need to try more flavors of that La Croix!

  25. I really like Diane Chamberlain! I've enjoyed everything I have read by her. Your shoes are super cute! Cooper is an amazing dog.

  26. Those MK flats are adorable and seriously I love nothing more than flats for work. I've stopped fooling myself with the heels. My husband also travels alot so it's hard cooking for one but I tend to go the easy route with pre-cooked chicken and bagged lettuce to make random salads. Chipotle always works too ;-)

  27. I so have to get back on the healthy eating train soon....why does it have to be so hard!! I am surprisingly loving those MK flats!! I typically don't wear flats but I'm loving the color. And sweet Cooper...oh how my dog make me happy. I've been gone for work for a few days and I miss my family but I know my Dutch Buddy will be the MOST excited to see me tomorrow!

  28. That meal from Flemming's looks delicious! And the blackberry cucumber La Croix is my absolute favorite! xx, I'm Fixin' To


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