The Weekend (a day late)

Happy Tuesday, friends! I'm coming at you today with my weekend recap because I couldn't get my act together on Sunday to write my post. And then Monday morning we had a 2 hour delay and all I wanted to do was lounge around and soak up not having to be at work. Cooper always enjoys the snow days and delays too :)
In addition to not posting my weekend post on Monday, I slacked on picture taking this weekend, so I apologize for being a bad blogger all around. Despite the lack of pictures, my weekend had several highlights, some of which included:

~Friday night girls night dinner with friends from work (one of which is going to be watching our little girl next school year). We had yummy food, and had fun catching up over the 2 hour dinner :)

~Saturday morning MG and I lazed around the house, had a leisurely breakfast, watched the news (grrrrrr), I did some reading, we tackled some laundry....then we hit up one of our favorite Mexican places for lunch.

~Ran to the store to pick up some ingredients to cook a meal for a potluck gathering at our neighbor's house. I made this Artichoke Pasta Bake which was a huge hit. There were 5 families, all of whom have kids, so we got lots of advice and got to witness firsthand the chaos that is having mobile children haha. We also inherited a baby bjorn from our neighbor who had given us the jumper a couple of weeks ago. It's true what they say, as soon as you have kids (or are about to), you start meeting other parents really quickly! It was a good night and great to get to know some of the other families in our neighborhood.
~Because dinner was at 5pm, we were home by a little after 8 and had time to get into The Night Manager for a little bit before heading to bed. So far, we like it!

~Sunday morning we ran errands and then headed to Quantico National Cemetery to see my dad since his birthday was on Saturday. Unfortunately my mom came down with a cold and wasn't able to come with us since she didn't want to risk getting me/baby sick.
 It was a really nice day out, and MG and I got to lay flowers by his grave, talk to him for a bit, and thank him for watching over us. I was also happy to see that the wreaths were still laid in Quantico which was a pretty scene to take in as well. 
~We made our way back home, had lunch (leftovers of the pasta bake) and decided to go into the city to see the Car Show that was at the convention center. Our friend Kurt came into the city and met up with us, too, so we spent a few hours looking at all kinds of cars, and hopping in and out of a ton, too. MG was eyeing up ones that he may be interested in, in the next couple of years. 
We had fun looking at some of the concept cars, too.
this one reminded me of a Lego car haha
I will say, being pregnant at one of these things was actually kind of nice, because in the crowds, people gave me a little bit more room to maneuver which I gladly accepted :)

~By the time we got back, we were both ready for dinner, so we picked up Thai food on the way home and had a pretty low key night in.

Monday morning we woke up to a bit of snow outside (not too much, but still pretty), and my school system had a 2 hour delay which I gladly took advantage of :)
Hoping that your weekends were fun-and friend-filled, too!
P.S. how is today already the last day of January??


  1. I'm glad today is the last day of January because it's payday!! Whoop whoop! haha! And are you liking The Night Manager? Jealous of your 2 hour delay....I will take those any day.
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  2. Snow + Monday-- ugh! Double blah!! Glad you had a nice weekend. Your food pics, as always, make me salivate!! And that car is ridiculous looking; it looks like something out of the jetsons! Hope you have a great week! XXOXO, R

  3. I'd say the food ya'll had over the weekend = the winner! Yum! That pasta bake looks awesome and Mexican is hands down my go-to!

  4. It sounds like a wonderful weekend! Jess at Just Jess

  5. You always have the busiest weekend! So cute your neighborhood has a potluck!

  6. So jealous of your snow!! I'm really hoping we get a significant amount here at some point this year!

  7. That sounds like such a wonderful weekend! And that concept car looks ridiculous haha I feel so old when I see stuff like that!

  8. That pasta bake looks and sounds delish!!! Oh how I wish I wasn't on a low carb diet right now..boohoo!! haha

  9. That pasta bake looks and sounds amazing!!! Yum!

  10. that car looks pretty ridiculous haha. that's awesome that people gave you more room, those things are awful if they are too crowded. the pasta bake looks delish!

  11. Sounds like a good weekend. I can't believe they did a delay for that much snow, but at least you got to snuggle in for a few extra hours. That pasta bake looks really good! Have a great week!

  12. Grrr at the news...oh I feel your pain. Even more so tonight. Your pasta casserole looks delish!

  13. So glad you were able to go see your sweet Dad for his birthday, friend. Yay to inheriting some baby things! I wish I was close to you so we could give you a bunch of baby girl clothes :) Hope you're getting lots of rest lately. xo

  14. That pasta bake sounds great! I am glad you got to visit your dad on his special day. You deserve that extra rest, you will be lacking sleep in the near future, bank it up!

  15. When I worked, I always loved delayed starts or early leaves from the snow! Looks like a fun, relaxing weekend!


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