36 Week Bumpdate

And suddenly, we have less than a month before baby girl arrives! 

How Far Along: 36 weeks
Size of Baby: 6 lbs, 19-22 inches (a large cantaloupe...which MG happened to get at the grocery store this week haha)

Gender:  Still a girl!

Weight Gain: 22-23 pounds right now

Food Cravings: All the carby sweet things, especially with Easter this weekend, what I wouldn't give to sink my teeth into some Easter candy or a Cadbury Creme Egg! I bought two at CVS the other day to enjoy once I have baby girl.
And I have a running list of all of the foods and places I want to eat once the gestational diabetes is gone!
Food Aversions: None currently

Movement: She's still moving around in there...we watch her nightly wiggle-fest which makes my stomach look like it has an alien in it haha

Sleep: So much sleep! Tuesday I was so tired all day. I took a nap in the afternoon, and then fell asleep on the couch before going to bed for 8+ hours. I know these days are numbered, but I was shocked at how sleepy I was!

Clothing: Maternity stuff, with some shorts mixed in. All of my elastic waistband shorts still fit, so I've been living in those during the days that I'm at home for Spring Break since it's been in the 80s this week and stretchy material is my friend these days :)

Other Pregnancy Symptoms: Sore joints, especially in my inner legs, sore feet every evening, Braxton Hicks here and there....

What I Miss: still eating whatever I want whenever I want. I'm really tired of scheduling my day around when I test my blood sugars. And now I feel like I'm eating more than I want to and often feel so full at certain periods of the day because I have to eat a certain amount at a certain time.

Best Moment: Celebrating our 3 year anniversary yesterday and last night. We went out to Eddie V's for a nice fancy dinner. I didn't get the truffle mac like I wanted to (wahhh) but the crab stuffed shrimp was out of this world delicious and what I'd been craving since we talked about where to go for our anniversary dinner....and we may have indulged in the blackberry cobbler for dessert (shhhh!)
 Crazy that this is the last anniversary pre-baby!
I limited the carbs at dinner so I could indulge in this...still probably wasn't good on my blood sugars but damn it was worth it! The taste from this will get me through the next four weeks :)

Looking Forward To: seeing baby girl at our ultrasound on Friday and hoping she's still staying at a good size! Even though she's all squished up in there, it's always reassuring and fun to see her on the ultrasounds!


  1. You are glowing!! You look amazing and don't look like you've gained a single pound seriously! On the home stretch :)

  2. You literally look like you've gained nothing...only what's in your belly! The one month countdown begins!!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  3. Happy anniversary! You look amazing. Beyond excited for you and super excited for you to have your girl in your arms!

  4. I'm so glad you've been able to sleep!! I'm up every 1.5 - 2 hours to pee. WAHHH! Good training I guess for what's to come! And again, Happy Anniversary! Glad you indulged a little!! XOXO, R

  5. Happy anniversary and yayyyyy!!! It's almost baby time!

  6. Happy Anniversary!! You look amazing.

  7. Looks like you had a great anniversary dinner!! I would be the same as you, making a list of places/things I want to eat once the diabetes is gone!!

  8. You are really on the home stretch now! She is going to be in your arms before you know it. And you still look amazing!

  9. You look great! I know you're sick of testing your blood sugars and having to monitor everything - you're so close to the finish line now!

  10. I can not believe you are 36 weeks along, my goodness it seems like that flew by!

  11. The baby girl bump is really bumping before our eyes. I think pregnancy looks great on you! Happy to hear you've been able to get some good nights of sleep so you feel rested despite some of the other discomforts. Happy Anniversary to you and the hubs! The best is yet to come!!

  12. I inhaled a large Dairy Queen blizzard within hours of giving birth. It was ALL I fantasized about while pregnant with GD!! Enjoy your treats. :)

  13. I love that you are stocking up on things you want once baby is born. Smart girl! You look amazing in your photos! I can't believe she will be here in less than a month!

  14. You look amazing!! Can't believe how close you are now, the count down is really on!

  15. Can't believe you are nearing the home stretch to meeting baby girl!! That dinner sounds amazing and you totally deserved the cobbler! Crazy how things will be so different for you guys a year from now!


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