Monday, April 17, 2017

A Hoppin' Weekend

Happy post-Easter! 
My weekend wrapped up the end of my Spring Break, and had some pretty good highlights!

~Friday pedicure to round out my week of relaxation (haircut, massage, pedicure...perfection)
~Check up on baby girl with my first non-stress test and a glimpse at baby girl's adorable little face (don't mind her squished nose haha). Baby girl is in the 80th percentile for size to which I say #eeeeek!
those lips!!!!
~Friday date night to Chuys
~Watching season 2 of The Fall

~Saturday morning I finished the book I'd been reading in bed before getting up. MG and I  had breakfast at home, and then made our way to Annapolis for the day. It started out a little overcast but by lunch time the sun was coming out and it was gorgeous out!
~MG and I wandered in and out of stores on our way to the waterfront and stumbled into a sunglasses store where MG found a pair...and I kept getting drawn to a pair, so we treated ourselves to some pre-Easter sunnies
~After lunch at the Iron Rooster, we walked down to the water front and took in the views (and walked off lunch)
~Around 3:30 we decided to make our way back home and listened to S-town on podcast (pretty interesting if you're looking for a new podcast!)

~Got home, took Coop for a walk, and then got invited over to my friends' house who had her baby at 35 weeks. Baby girl had just gotten home from the NICU on Thursday, and we were both anxious to meet her so we popped over. She is TINY, but so so so cute!
~Had a low key night in on Sunday and finished up season 2 of The Fall.

~Sunday morning we had breakfast, and ran some errands to the grocery store. I started reading a new book, and MG and I hung up the shelves in baby girl's nursery (pics to come)

~Decided to try out a low carb, low sugar peanut butter cookie--and they turned out pretty good! Nice to have another option when I'm craving something sweet! (the house smelled like peanut butter cookies for at least 4 hours after making them, too!) I'll post the recipe if you guys are interested!
~We decided to grab lunch at Yard House and eat outside since the weather was so nice out!
~Went for a walk, then came home and relaxed on the deck, and got to use my new pineapple Tervis cup which I love!
 Had a little relaxation before a couple of sprinkles came down, and I'm pretty sure I could live in a zero gravity chair for the rest of this pregnancy
~Grilled tilapia for dinner and just chilled for the rest of the night, and I finally got to try Halo top's mint chip ice cream which was awesome and fit in my carb count--woot!!!

Luckily I have a work from home day today to get progress reports done for the 3rd quarter, so it will be easier to ease into the work week after being off all of last week.

Hoping you had a nice Easter weekend, too!


  1. Sounds like a great weekend!! I'm so jealous you're still not done with the Fall we loved that show & I loved visiting Annapolis a couple years ago - it's so pretty there! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Sounds like a great weekend to me!
    Xo, Elizabeth

  3. What a fun weekend!! That mexican food has me drooling, I swear, I ALWAYS want mexican food! Those cookies look delish!

  4. Yum, Chuy's! Always a delicious option. Glad you got to see the baby on the 4-D ultrasound and hope y'all had a fabulous Easter weekend!

  5. yes to the pb cookie recipe! yum. and i need to go back to chuy's - your snaps always remind me haha. i had yummy mexican on sat and it was so worth it. also i love me some annapolis! what a fun day! and weekend :) happy monday girly!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  6. I love the Iron Rooster!!! Did you get the homemade pop tarts?

  7. Sounds like a great end to spring break!! Glad your friend's baby is home; what a relief!! And glad you got to try Halo Top... I haven't had a bad flavor (and I've tried 75% of them! :)) Have a great week!! XOXO, R

  8. What a fun weekend! I love your all's new sunnies!

  9. What a wonderful weekend! I love that pineapple Tervis, too - it's super cute! Hope you have a great week this week :)

  10. What an awesome weekend! You can never go wrong with pedicures. :)

  11. Sounds like such a nice weekend! I'm glad you got some nice weather up there!

  12. So glad you had such a wonderful spring break, and check out baby girl! She's almost ready <3
    Green Fashionista

  13. Woohoo for working from home today! Chuy's & Yardhouse in one weekend?! Girl after my own heart, or stomach! How fun that you guys got to explore Annapolis a bit and both new sunnies are adorable! The ultrasound of baby girl's face is just precious!

  14. Please do post the recipe for those peanut butter cookies.

  15. I could live in a zero gravity chair for the rest of my life.

    Looks like a great weekend, love the ending pic of you in Annapolis & you guys by the water!

    And I love The Fall. So F'd.

  16. I just finished S town and loved it! So jealous of the Chuy's, I miss that place. Please post the cookie recipe, sounds so good! Glad you had a great spring break and weekend!

  17. What a great weekend! Glad you got to see your girl!

  18. What a fun day date... soak up the quality one-on-one time! It's definitely hard to come by now but so worth it!

  19. love the sonogram pics. I can't wait to meet that little love bug. I'm so excited. Looks like such a nice weekend!

  20. Please so share the cookie recipe!! I love anything peanut butter...yummy. :)

  21. Baby girl looks so comfy and content in there! Perfect week & weekend of relaxing. I love love Yard House even though our isn't conveniently close, I still always make a stop when we're in that tourist area of Orlando. Love the pineapple Tervis. Tervis tumblers are all I use in my house for drinks so we have a ton.

  22. You look so great and baby girl already looks adorable!!! :) Please share your PB cookie recipe!

  23. Perfect weekend together. You look so good! Awe that baby is so tiny and reminds me of my girls. MG looks like a natural there.


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