The Weekend We Got Out

I'm here with my weekend recap a day late because I really wanted to soak up every minute of having MG home this weekend because being at home by yourself with a newborn isn't easy. #reallife

Our weekend was full of highlights!
~MG and I decided to venture out into the real world for dinner at on of our favorite Mexican restaurants for the first time since having Ella. I won't lie, there was a bit of tension/anxiety, but we all made it through and didn't have to order our food to go!
don't mind my make-up-less face--I swear I didn't look this bad in person lol
~Lots of Friday Night Lights watching (I think we watched the whole second season this weekend--oops! Damn we love this show!)

~Ella had an off night probably due to us keeping her asleep at the restaurant, so we were up mega early Saturday morning (5am) with a baby who didn't want to go back to sleep

~Had breakfast and took advantage of the gorgeous weather and took a 2+ mile family walk around the lake by our house
~Enjoyed the deck afterwards--being outside is a great way to calm a fussy baby too (at least temporarily)
~I ran an errand to Old Navy to return some things without baby, and enjoyed perusing the aisles several times over...and ended up leaving with a dress and a cute tank top

~We got extra crazy Saturday night and decided to go out to dinner for a SECOND night...which was also a success! (had to wait for little bug to finish her "meal" before we left, so I had some fun with snapchat filters in the meantime)
his and hers
~Sunday we ran our grocery errands for the week and then I went and met up with a friend to get a pedicure
 ~We found some time to finally give this monster a bath--looking so cute and fluffy!
 ~Our friends with 16 month old twins came over to our house to visit and meet Ella. And subsequently show us just how NOT baby proofed our house is. We have some work to do when Ella gets to walking lol
~MG decided to do a little baby wearing to calm our girl #dadoftheyear
And we literally ended the night watching several episodes of Friday Night Lights, and then getting ourselves ready for the week ahead: MG for work, and me with baby at home.

We were pretty proud of ourselves for making it out twice this weekend...and I owe it to MG for encouraging me because I was definitely really nervous about it, but was happy we did it!

We have some things planned for the week including a new moms group, visiting my friend who had a baby a couple of weeks ago, and our new recliner delivery. It's the little things to get you through!
Hoping everyone's weekend, and start to the week, have been good!


  1. Yay for getting out 2 nights in a row!

  2. yay for getting out of the house! and sitting out side for dinner is just perfection. it's the little things indeed! happy week my friend!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  3. Yay for your outings! Ella is so stinkin' adorable! Cuddle baby fever, no not baby fever just want to have snuggles and then give the baby back! haha

  4. Enjoy going out now while she is in the carrier, going out to eat with a toddler is something else I tell ya!! haha Granted I am sure she will be an angel :) She is just so cute!!

  5. My husband and I have been doing the same thing with our newborn! Taking her out whenever we can so we can get her used to being out and about (and so we can keep our sanity). Sometimes it seems like she even sleeps better when she's in a noisy restaurant then she does in our quiet apartment.

  6. We have taken E out to restaurants since she was born and like you said there is a little anxiety but it always works out. :) So glad you enjoyed a meal out.

  7. Woot, two nights out, that is great! Lol to the babyproofing, As much as I have tried to remove all toddler dangers from my house for when my nieces come over they still find something, it never ends! She is too cute!

  8. Yay for venturing out! And having a netflix show to binge when you have a newborn is a lifesaver!

  9. Good for you getting out of the house--and for Mexican food? Even better!

  10. Woohoo 2 nights out in a row! Y'all are getting crazy haha! You are going to do so good having her by yourself!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  11. What a great weekend as a family of 3! I love that you ventured out and about :) She is the sweetest little lady!

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  12. That's awesome y'all got out for 2 dinners!! I remember the anxiety I used to have. You will start to feel so much more comfortable taking her out but then it will turn into a different anxiety when she "wakes up" around 2-3months and you worry she's gonna scream the entire time haha

  13. Woohoo for getting out to dinner twice! You're a pro!! :) Glad you had a great weekend!


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