MDW2017: Road Trippin', Car Buyin', Baby Milestones

It's What's Hap-"Pinning" Wednesday and I'm recapping our Memorial Day weekend which involved our first road trip with a newborn!
MG and I hit the road on Thursday morning after packing the car with every essential we could think of (and then almost forgetting my breast pump--a HUGE oops that would have been!)

Had to stop at a rest stop to feed and change baby which added 40 minutes to our trip.

Got to my in-law's house and within an hour had my SIL and her kids over to finally meet Ella. Then my BIL showed up after work to meet her and immediately jumped into diaper changes. Man it was nice not to change many diapers this weekend haha
Spent the night in with the fam--my oldest niece decided to stay over and help us with the baby in the morning (she's a great kid) and my youngest niece decided that she was the official baby holder of the weekend lol
Friday morning MG and I went for a 45 minute walk while my MIL and niece watched the baby (family is the best), and then in the afternoon we headed over to my SIL's house for pizza and to hang out with my other SIL and her family. Ella wasn't put down for a second that whole night, and we got some great photos.
Saturday morning MG, my FIL and the nieces and nephew went to iFly which was a present from Christmas. It was SO fun to watch them--and then watching the instructor do all kinds of tricks afterwards. I didn't participate but it was just fun to watch everyone else.
Later that afternoon we went back to my SIL's for a cook out since we were leaving the next day to get home and get settled before MG headed back to work. Ella continued to be spoiled with being held and loved on. She didn't hate it :)
There were definitely tears shed when we left my SIL's house that night--my SIL cried because she was going to miss Ella, and I cried because I was going to miss all of the help haha

Sunday morning we got to sleep in a bit since my MIL woke up with Ella at 5am, we had breakfast and then got ourselves packed up. MG's uncle swung by to drop off a beautiful blanket and puzzle that he had made for Ella with pictures of her and family members. It was really sweet!
We also did a little tummy time session in the morning which was just too cute
We got on the road later than we'd planned on, and ended up having to stop at two rest stops for baby. And we encountered torrential rain twice which was not fun for any of us. But, we survived.

We also realized that both of our cars are not big enough for road trips. We'd been planning on getting a larger car sometime around December, but this prompted us to move that timeline up by a lot of months and MG went and got a Toyota Highlander (the car we'd been researching and planning on--we even went on a test drive when we were in PA. Plus my in-laws have the same car so we knew what we were getting). It's a great car and definitely a lot more space. Of which, I'm sure we will still have no problem filling it up haha.
Monday was a pretty low key day for us--we ran errands and then had a visit from my friend Amanda in the afternoon. Then at night Ella got SUPER fussy...crying and screaming and she's not a crying/screaming baby. It lasted for a while and we were super concerned, but eventually got her to calm down and sleep. And sleep she did--FIVE hours! Then she fed and slept another 4 hours and we  were the ones to wake her up both times.
Ironically her shirt says Super Happy which probably was what jinxed us into having a NOT super happy baby that evening haha
It was a welcome gift after the crying session from the night before. And also the night before her 1 month birthday and MG going back to work. 

We survived the first day back to work--there were definitely tears on everyone's part when he was leaving, but our little 1 month old (seriously how is it a month already) managed with just mommy and Cooper.
So, that's basically our MDW in a nutshell!
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  1. Oh my goodness what an awesome weekend with family!! Love all the pics, especially the one with all you ladies and Ella!

  2. Aren't hormones just the best?! I swear I cried about EVERYTHING the first three months of both my boys being born. It's rough! Love that she sleeps with her arms over her head; Knox did that and I thought it was just the cutest thing. And ha, we have a giant Explorer and I swear I still sometimes wish we had a Suburban with all our STUFF! It never ends! ;)

  3. We have a highlander too! Love it!! Ella is so cute and teeny! Glad your first roadtrip went well!

  4. Way to go little E on giving your parents some sleep! Woot woot! She is SO tiny and I just want to scoop her up and bring her home! Ah so cute!

  5. What a fun trip! You can tell she is so genuinely loved by everyone in your family and that is so special! And yay for a new car!!!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  6. One month??? How is she already a month old???

  7. I can't get over all the sweet pictures of Ella with the family! Sounds like it was a great weekend seeing everyone! It really doesn't seem like it has already been one month!

  8. How fun for baby girl to meet the fam, and one month?! Where has the time gone?! Congrats on the new car, I upgraded to an SUV too which is totally my mom car now <3
    Green Fashionista

  9. A w I bet Ella loved all the attention! So precious!

  10. I can't believe she's a month already! What a wonderful way to spend the long weekend with all that love!

  11. What a wonderful time with family! It really is nice having help like that. :)

  12. It sounds like you all had a great trip! Having all of the extra help was probably wonderful :) I am sure her fussiness was from the big trip and lots of people that were out of her routine. I know when my guy was little if we had a weekend out of the ordinary that was busier than normal he seemed fussy or restless. Congrats on the new ride!! With a baby all of the extra room is needed for sure.

  13. I'm so glad ya'll had such a great weekend with family! Ella is so dang cute how could they not fawn all over her! I'm gonna be in your area again next week! I wish I could sneak away and come and see you guys! It would be so fun!

  14. What a wonderful time with family! She is so cute and loved!

  15. That picture of her laying in her rock n play with her little arms over her head - I DIE! Oh, how I miss those newborn days. She looks like she's doing her tummy time like a BOSS! Both of our kids hated it and they would scream bloody murder until we would pick them up. haha. Congrats on the new car!! I want a new one, too! My CRV ain't cutting it anymore!

  16. Isn't family the best?! I seriously wouldn't have survived the past 3 months without ours. Isn't it amazing how much you can pack into a car for just a weekend away haha

  17. Awww so heartwarming to see all the love that surrounds Ella and she got to meet quite a lot of family over the weekend! Everyone took a turn holding baby girl which I'm sure was a relief to be hands-free for a bit and get some help. Baby girl is 1 month already?! She's too adorable for words.

  18. Yay for getting a Toyota Highlander. Welcome to the club!! I love all the photos of Ella and family. I am so glad it went pretty smoothly! I remember car pumping. Ha.


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