Wedding Weekend Fun

Could it be that I'm actually posting on a Monday??? I'm not entirely sure how that happened because man, I'm exhausted coming off of our 3rd road trip away with baby! 

MG and I had a wedding on Saturday for one of his friends from HS so we made our way up to PA on Thursday evening during Ella's normal bedtime, and our lady love slept the entire 3 hours!! All the praise hands!

We got there around 10 and promptly put Ella and ourselves to bed. In the morning there was lots of time for snuggles and attention :)
Friday morning we drove over to our friend Kev/Michelle's parents' house (our Minnesota friends) so that we could see them, their 3 kiddos and let them all meet Ella. It was awesome to spend time with them, but about an hour later those 2 were off to celebrate their 10 year anniversary sans kids and we stuck around with their kids playing for a bit.

MG and I eventually made our way to a restaurant nearby to meet up with two other of his best friends--the ones from Charleston with their cute 13 month old, and MG's best friend from NY whose wife is pregnant (we found out the gender at lunch!).
It was great having all of us together, with the kids. The service was super slow, but that just allowed us more time to hang out (and for me to nurse in public--covered--for the second time ever).

That night we headed to my SIL's house so they could see Ella. We ordered dinner in and just hung out for the night--I love the laid back nights where you don't have to DO anything other than spend time together.

Saturday morning was pretty low key and then my other SIL came over with my two nieces, one of whom is 13 and incredible with doing hair and makeup, so she curled my hair for the wedding and did my eye makeup.

Around 3:45 MG and I left to go meet up with our friends before the wedding festivities for a drink. We drove around blasting music and dancing around in the car baby! 
After grabbing a drink we made our way to the wedding/reception at a country club. The views were gorgeous and once the sun set, it was super nice outside. Prime photo taking opportunities ensued.

the pink and green alternating ties was not planned 
The night was full of laughter and fun--I seriously love this group of MG's friends who have become my friends, and really, our family.

I had another "mom" experience when I had to go and find a place to pump during the reception. And I realized that my dress didn't unzip so guess who got to sit with my friend Michelle, with my dress around my shoulders? #thisgirl lol (The things we do to keep our babies alive, amIright?)

After dinner, dancing, photoboothing, and a Dirty Dancing reenactment by my husband and Michelle's husband (no seriously), the night was over all too quickly and we were heading back home to our sleeping baby who was well cared for by my MIL and two SILs while we were gone. Our first time away for more than 2 hours was a complete and total success!
We got home and in bed around midnight and Ella continued to sleep until 6:45...praise Jesus for our good sleeper. We were still exhausted but much less so than we would have been otherwise.

We had breakfast, packed up and hit the road at 10 and our awesome girl slept until the last 20 minutes, during which she was pretty easily calmed. 
We unpacked and lounged around the house, and then visited an open house in our neighborhood to see what updates they'd done, ran some errands and then grabbed Chipotle for dinner because neither of us was in the mood to cook.

So here we are! Another awesome weekend that just makes us wish that these friends all lived closer instead of spread throughout the country. I'm so grateful for these friends that I inherited from my husband because they are seriously some of the best.

The only drawback to this weekend was the fact that I missed my best friend's bachelorette party, but I was there in spirit and am definitely excited for when I get to see her and tackle her in 2 weeks! #loveyougenna (how is it almost august already???)

Hoping your weekend was friend-filled and fantastic, too!


  1. You guys sure kept yourselves busy visiting different friends and then all the wedding celebrations. You look fabulous! Love that Ella got lots of snuggles from everyone over the weekend. Have a great week! Emily @ Martinis & Bikinis

  2. This weekend sounds so great - so much family and friend time, with Ella behaving like a peach to top it off!!!

  3. I have NO clue how it's almost August, either! You looked so pretty, and I'm glad y'all got to have a fun weekend away! And funny story: on my first week back to work after Walker was born, I wore a dress to work and had to figure out how to pump at my desk! I was like, "Ummmm, how is this going to happen right now?!" It was a pull-over dress and I literally had to pull my dress up over my chest and pump with my bare rear on the office chair. I'll never forget that! Ha!

  4. seriously this summer is flying by! what a wonderful weekend you had :) and that sweet girl. love that you guys had a parents night out at the wedding and seeing all your friends. and i agree - love hanging out and not having much else to do but just hang. happy week!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  5. Ella sounds like an awesome traveler! Sounds like you were able to have a lot of grown up fun this weekend!

  6. I love that you are taking her places with you. E has been a great traveler since she was born and it makes life so much easier! :)

  7. Oh man I loved your 'real people' snap! You looked ah-mazing and I'm so glad ya'll had a great weekend! xo

  8. Girl that green looks amazing on you!! So glad y'all got a night out sans baby!


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