{WHW}: Currently...

Currently, I'm....

Reading ...
I finished Landline by Rainbow Rowell and have moved on to The One Man by Andrew Gross (my second book by him). It's centered around WW2 and definitely interesting so far even though I'm only about 20% of the way through (which is a huge accomplishment with a newborn I think! haha)
Watching ...
Real Housewives of OC--I feel like Meghan and I are still living parallel lives (when her IVF journey aired, I was going through the same, and now on the show, her baby is 2 months old like Ella), Shannon is a little bonkers, and I'm still unsure about the new chick. 

We also just watched The Zookeeper's Wife since my mom sent me her copy from Netflix and it was really good. VERY sad, but really good--definitely recommend it.

If you saw my post yesterday you know the two new meals we're trying this week. The tilapia was a success (with some of my own tweaks--will post soon)! Trying the chicken tonight and will report back!

Looking forward to ... 
Getting the rest of my June paycheck at the end of the month. I still have a feeling I'm gonna get dicked over with the pay somehow, but at this point anything is better than the $800 they tried to give me for June...try making it through the summer with a regular paycheck let alone one that is SIGNIFICANTLY less than what you normally make, by like thousands.

Enjoying ...
morning baby smiles. It's the best way to start off the day!

water water water...with breastfeeding it's essential, but also with temps climbing into the 100's (no joke), it's even more important.

that I finally found the time to book myself a hair appointment on Monday. And while I was away, MG got Ella down for a nap. Holla!!
don't mind my make-up-less face

going back to work. Tomorrow marks a month until I go back and I know it's just going to fly by. It already makes me cry thinking about it.

Wanting ... 
to figure out how to make money and stay home with my baby girl. 

Needing ...
to go get more contacts. I've been wearing mine for way longer than the 2 weeks I'm supposed to and am down to one more pair. 
I also need to find a cute navy and/or white dress for Ella for family photos at the beach in a week and a half. Oh, and a navy/white outfit for myself!

Wearing ...
You saw on Monday that I wore real people clothes at a wedding this weekend. Thanks to everyone on here and instagram for the sweet comments about my dress! (New York and Company--I think it was like $15 when I got it!)

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Grateful For...
a baby who sleeps 6-8 hours every night after her dream feed. SO so so thankful for this good sleeper!

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  1. That picture of her grinning is too cute!

  2. She is just too cute!! Those smiles :) So glad she's a good sleeper, I have one good and one bad sleeper and the bad one still gives me problems 4 yrs later :( You look too good in that green dress for just having a baby, way to go! Try to enjoy your last month as much as possible!

  3. I want to read The Zookeeper's Wife before I watch the movie, but I'm glad you liked the movie! And I am DREADING going back to school! I go back August 4 and kids start back August 9 and before that I've still got to work on my classroom and fit in 2 days of PD.....I've been so bad this summer haha!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  4. omg that picture of her. i love it! and yay for new recipes and parents nights out :) and all the water, that reminds me i need to go get some more - it's too hot lately!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  5. I want to see that movie but know I'll cry rivers! I just about cried in the previews! I hope you get the pay sorted out - that sucks I know! Also, don't think about going back just soak up baby E - such a little dollbaby! (and way to go on the sleep baby girl!)

  6. Ah who can resist that precious smile?! You look gorgeous in that green dress too and I love your haircut! :)

  7. Her smile in that pictures is the best!!! Cute a cutie :)

  8. Your hair turned out great!!!! :) Love that green dress you wore. :)

  9. Going back to work is soooo hard! I know you're not looking forward to that at all. She was timed just perfectly, though, because you got so much time off since you had her at the beginning of the summer!

  10. She is just too cute! Your hair looks great! I cannot imagine the dread of going abck to work, my sister struggled with that recently. Cherish this last month so much!

  11. You look gorgeous!! That green is a great color on you. Cannot believe you go back in a month. Summer has flown by. Ella is just the cutest, sweetest ever. Her little nose might be my favorite at the moment. I miss you.

  12. I adore your green wedding dress. Hurrah for a hair appointment and a napping baby.

  13. Girl Shannon is SO bonkers what the heck! She annoys the crap out of me!!! And where is Heather?! She's my fav!

  14. Ella bella is such a cutie and that's amazing she's a good sleeper! So much less pressure on new parents trying to adjust. Love that you got some pampering in and MG had some daddy/daughter time. Emily @ Martinis & Bikinis


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