Weekending: Wedding and Milestones

Happy Monday friends! We're coming off of a weekend of travel to PA for a family wedding, and I feel like I could use another weekend to recover from our weekend. Travelling with a baby is just more exhausting than regular travel!

Anyway, there were lots of highlights this weekend:

~Friday at work we had Book Character day, where the teachers (and the kids) all dress up as different characters from books. The Special Education team decided to be Where's Waldo, which was a lot of fun as only one of us was Waldo, so all of the kids spent the day trying to find the real one
~Friday night we packed up, had some delicious lasagna soup for dinner and then got Ella ready for bed and hit the road up to PA. The drive was smooth and quick and when we got there Ella was all smiles for my in-laws and then like the good little nugget she is, went right back down to sleep.

~Then that good sleeper decided to surprise us by flipping over in the middle of the night, so when I checked her on the monitor at 530am I did a double take when I saw her face down without a peep. Of course, I immediately thought she was dead and we rushed in to make sure she was ok. She was. After feeding her and putting her back down, I woke up at 730 to this on the monitor:
So, we now have a tummy sleeper. And I basically didn't sleep the rest of the weekend.

~We had a low key morning at home before we got ready for the wedding--Ella napped for an hour and a half (seriously tummy sleep is great!) and we watched the first episode of Stranger Things.

~My niece did my hair and my two SIL's hair for the wedding (she's so freaking talented). We left Ella with my SIL's friend and headed to the wedding with the fam:
She was stunning 
me with my BIL's...we always get our photo together at family gatherings
I love this crew
~After a night of drinking, celebrating, photo boothing and more celebrating, we headed home. The car ride was full of so much laughter we were crying--just the way I like it :)
~My one SIL and her two girls stayed over where we were, and we all made it to bed sometime after midnight

~MG and I woke up at 630 to our tummy sleeper, who we changed and fed and put back down...and she slept until almost 830!! Bring on this tummy sleeping!!

~We had a fun breakfast with the girls before we all started packing up to head home. Ella slept 2 hours of the 2.5 hour car ride home and was a great little travel buddy for the end of the ride
~We unpacked, did errands, and lazed around for the rest of the afternoon, and got in more play time with our little bear

Speaking of our little bear, she's 6 months old today and my heart can almost not take it. Never before in my life has half of a year gone by so quickly! Watching her grow and learn all of these new things has been so fun, and I know the months are just going to keep flying by with all of the fun things ahead. All I know is, our lives are truly more full and completely blessed to have this beautiful little girl in it. Man, was she worth the wait!
In honor of Halloween tomorrow, a sneaky peak of our little 6 month old:
We love her "berry" much! :)

So, that was our weekend--filled with family, fun, and more milestones!
Can't wait to hear about your weekends!


  1. Happy 6 months Ella, you are so Berry beautiful and yay for rolling over but don't scare mom and dad. You guys looked great at the wedding and what a great school you work at, love the Waldo attire! Happy Monday beautiful!

  2. I totally remember the times both of my boys flipped onto their bellies and it freaked me out! I'll never forget running into their rooms and making sure they were still breathing!

  3. Oh my gosh - Ella's halloween costume - so cute! You looked gorgeous at the wedding!

  4. aw look at that little berry! so cute. and glad she was great for the car rides and you had a lovely weekend. laughing til you cry is pretty much the best thing ever :) happy monday girly!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  5. sounds like a fun weekend! Also, that strawberry costume is too cute. love it :)

    Midwest Darling

  6. Sounds like it was a wonderful weekend. Ok, that is by far the cutest berry around!! What a cutie!!

  7. Tummy sleeping rock! And OMG with the Halloween costume! Too cute!

  8. Oh my word-- Shelby became a tummy sleeper this weekend too-- it's terrifying!!!!! And Ella is the cutest strawberry ever!!!!!! XOXO, R

  9. OMG that strawberry costume - I'm dying!@! Ella is adorable. What a beautiful wedding, too. I love the bride's lace detail all over her dress.

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  10. I freaking love her costume.

    Great pics from the wedding!

  11. Her costume is SO adorable!! And you all look great!

  12. I love the Where's Waldo thing! So creative!

  13. She looks so cute in her strawberry costume!! So fun!

  14. WHY do all babies become stomach sleepers as soon as they are able to roll over?! Both of my kids did that and I had heart attack after heart attack for weeks after that. She looks so stinking cute in her little strawberry costume!

  15. Kayla ended up being a tummy sleeper as well; she'd always flip back onto her tummy and i got tired of going in there every second flipping her back over so i got one of those baby heart monitor things where they sleep on the monitor pad and it sends off an alarm if their heart stops beating.

  16. Ya for tummy sleeping! She is too cute in her costume! The wedding looked so fun, family time is the best!

  17. That berry costume is too dang cute! And I love the Where's Waldo costumes, too! I loved those books growing up!

  18. You look amazing after having a baby! It's like nothing's changed which I told Kate the same thing when I saw her over the weekend. You girls are blessed with good bodies and precious baby girls! Emily @ Martinis & Bikinis

  19. Oh my gosh I love her costume!!! Babies in costumes are the best! And you look so pretty Saturday night! That dress looks great on you!

  20. I can't believe she is 6 months now!!! And rolling over. I didn't sleep when the girls did that either. It was scary, but they did so well turning their heads. I love Ella's costume. She looks sooo adorable in it.


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