{WHW}: Right Now

Currently, I'm....

Reading ...
the inside of my eyelids. Oh wait, that doesn't count as reading, but that's about the only reading I've done lately. Still totally slacking in this department which makes me sad. I'm gonna make it my goal to pick up my Kindle this week and get back into my latest Diane Chamberlain book.

Watching ...
again, when I'm not falling asleep on the couch (which is basically every night since Ella's had a cold and been waking up inconsistently), all of my Bravo shows (duh), and MG and I started watching BigMouth on Netflix. It's a little crude (ok, some parts are a lot crude), but it's a pretty funny take on puberty and has us chuckling regularly.
On the menu this week:
Monday: Broccoli Cheddar Soup (the first one of the season! Soooo good!)
Tuesday: Tacos 
Wednesday: Easy Crockpot Meatballs, and Spaghetti
Thursday: Sun-Dried Tomato, Pesto Pasta with chicken (and peas, instead of asparagus because I dont want stinky pee lol)
Friday: date night!

Looking forward to ... 
another date night on Friday night. MG's brother-in-law's sister and her daughter are coming down Thursday night-Saturday morning to visit a nearby college and offered to watch Ella Friday night so we could have a date night. Two in two weeks? We'll take it!

water water water...and tea at night because I'm fighting off a cough from Ella's most recent cold 

this gorgeous face. Every day.

the Winter ahead and all of the colds that Ella (and then me) are going to get. We're already at 3 since the end of August which doesn't bode well for the rest of the year. I should buy stock in Nyquil and tissues at this point.

my dad. On Monday morning on my drive to daycare, all of a sudden I started tearing up out of nowhere, thinking about my dad. Gosh I miss him. I see him in Ella's facial expressions here and there. Sometimes a photo captures it and other times it's fleeting, and when it happens it stops me in my tracks and pulls at my heart strings. But it also reminds me that he's still here, even if it's not in the way I'd want him to be.

Needing ...
to make up our minds about whether or not we're gonna go to Minnesota this year. We normally go in October but those weekends just didn't work out, so now IF we do go, it would be in November which is dicey in Minn. It would be our first time traveling in an airplane with Ella, and during cold and flu season (and you read above how well we're doing with colds already). We'd decided that we were going to skip it this year, but then saw our friends' brother and SIL come with their 11 month old and we miss our friends, so we're debating it again. Part of me wants to not worry and just go with it, because we can't live our lives worrying about what could be. And our friends have 3 kids and everything we could need when we get there (plus they understand if things go awry). It's our yearly tradition to go, so maybe we should just do it. Even though I'm worrying about all of the "what ifs", I think we're leaning towards doing it. Thoughts?

In Awe Of...
how many women have posted "me too" in their statuses (and not in a good way). I didn't post on facebook, but sexual harassment (not assault) has happened to me before. The building maintenance guy at the first school I worked at right out of grad school, unlocked my office door with his master key and then cornered me in there, telling me that I "owed him" after we'd had a discussion the day before about something work related and he felt like he helped me with his advice. I brushed it off as a joke and he said "I'm serious" with a serious look on his face and then got up and left, shutting the door after turning the lights off on me and leaving me in the dark. Luckily he never bothered me again, but it was super uncomfortable and I remember emailing my mom to document what had happened, just in case anything else happened down the line. I never said anything to administration because I was young, new, and quite frankly, scared. 
This wasn't assault, thank goodness, but it's still not ok. I don't want my daughter to grow up in a world where this is acceptable or deemed appropriate.

Wearing ...
I wore fleece lined leggings yesterday for the first time because it was in the 40s when I woke up, and a high in the low 60s. Fall is finally here, yall....I just hope it stays Fall for a bit before jumping right into Winter

Grateful For...
friends. Good, solid, always there for you, no-matter-what friends.
And having a date set to see your bestie, because I miss her!
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  1. I think it's hard to imagine your first plane trip with Ella, but sometimes you just have to go for it if it works out with work, timing & all the other things going on! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. You look so pretty in that bridesmaid dress! The color and fit is perfect on you! And I know your dad will live on in the stories and memories you get to tell Ella about him when she gets older!

  3. Boo to being sick! We're battling something right now too and I'm not looking forward to all the sickness that is to come. I would say if you guys can go to MN you should! You won't regret going (hopefully) but you may regret not going

  4. i think you should def go to minnesota. you'll prob be sad if you dont go and it'll be prob worth it in the end :) and i'm sorry about the random waves missing your dad. i cannot imagine. he's def still with you always. and thanks for sharing your note about #metoo. i did the same today. needs to be said. it's pretty much everyone who has experienced something that is not ok.

    xoxo cheshire kat

  5. Noooo the sick-y season has started! I hope y'all build up the best immune system ever! I think if you can swing it, go on the trip! You'll have a blast! Thinking about you and your fond memories of your Dad - I know that's tough but just know how proud he is of you! Also, not liking the maintenance guy incident - you should've kicked his teeth in (ok let me stop) but this whole thing has been so sad and disgusting to hear about! I hope this keeps empowering more men and women everywhere to speak up :( anyway, hope you have a fabulous Wed friend! xo

  6. I always feel better when I see far away friends/family even though at first it seems like a lot to get there! I'm so sorry about your #metoo incident. It's sad that SO many of us have all these uncomfortable and scary moments to share. Seeing your Dad in Ella is so sweet, I think that's one of the best ways to remember loved ones!
    Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams

  7. I'm so sorry to hear about your own experience with sexual assault confrontation. It made me sad that I didn't feel comfortable posting "me too" on my own facebook page because, therein lies the problem. I'M ashamed by it, and I never should be. I was never actually assaulted, but I remember a day when I was 18 - new on the girls' swim team at school and I was pantsed on deck by two of the junior boys. They thought it was hilarious. I was so embarrassed. I had a note put on my door that said I should never wear a bikini. It was awful. These things are far too common.

  8. I say... YOLO. Go to Minnesota! Our first flight is Friday... and we are just going to learn as we go!! And so scary about your sexual harassment experience. Terrifying. We (society) need to figure out how to do better. XO, R

  9. I will be adding that show to my Netflix queue and broccoli cheese soup to my list of things to cook. Ugh sorry about the incident with the maintenance man. Things like that that can almost be as scary as actually being assaulted. I wanted to tag my assailant in my post on FB but lucky for him I couldn't find him. I hope that Ella and my nieces can grow up in a world without this!

  10. So sorry to hear Ella is still sick! I hear ya on all the sickness with daycare germs, Serena is working on her 5th or 6th cold since starting daycare in April. We were at the pediatrician yesterday, and he said that babies in daycare can and will have a cold every few weeks the first year, but after that they should be much better. And the good news is their immune system will be much stronger when they start kindergarten then the kiddos who were at home that whole time. So I guess there's something to look forward to :-P
    Green Fashionista

  11. Ella is honestly the most smiley baby I've seen! What a beautiful little girl :) That BigMouth show looks funny, too - definitely something my husband and I would enjoy!

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  12. It is so sad seeing your babies sick all the time. Jacob was literally sick almost once a month for the first two years of his life, but what's amazing about that is that ever since he started PK4 AKA real school he has not missed one day. Ever. In 2 and a half years! Because little stinker is immune to everything. Lol. And with regard to the trip, when we were new parents I think I would have skipped it, but knowing what I know now and being much more comfortable with the parenting thing, I would say just go for it if you really want to go! Everything will turn out just fine!

  13. I love that you have your dinner already planned for the week. I try to do the same but often fail when hubby is traveling. Elle Bella is such a cutie and it's great to see that your Dad shines through her on occasion even though missing him in presence I'm sure is not easy at all! xoxo !

  14. Bummer that she is still sick! I hope she feels better asap.


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