Why Is It That....?

I was perusing my drafts and found this one sitting and waiting to be published from many many months ago.

Why Is It That.....
.....when people talk to you about your pregnancy, and you tell them the things you're experiencing (after they ask), do they (9 times out of 10) follow it up with "Oh well just wait until..." and it's almost always something scary. Can we keep it positive please?

.....you always crave something that you don't have at home?

....or ChikFilA on a Sunday?

......people who never respond to your emails are the first ones to expect you to respond to theirs ASAP?

....tv shows always go on hiatus when I actually have time to sit down and watch them without the DVR?

....the day that I have 40 bags to carry to my car is the day that it's pouring down rain?

....some people feel the need to ask really intrusive questions? For example, a male coworker of mine brought his girlfriend to a work party over the weekend and on Monday an older female coworker commented about how nice she was, and then followed it up with "why doesn't she have a ring on her finger?" They'd been dating a few months, and he is 23 years old. That aside, it's still inappropriate. 

.....the night I'm the most exhausted and in need of a solid night of sleep, is the night that baby gets a cold and is up multiple times? 



  1. Amen to so many of these!!! I have so many more especially post-babies. Like ... are you breast feeding? are you done having kids? Ugh... #noneyabusiness!

  2. Ugh the invasive questions! Try being a 38 year old childless never married lady. I want to wring some people's necks when they ask why I'm not married/engaged or why don't I just get my boyfriend to knock me up accidentally. Seriously, mind your own business people!

  3. Totally guilty :( I so did that to you about the throwing up in the car thing..ugh! Sorry about that.

  4. Yes to all of these!!! Especially craving something that you don't have in the house haha!

  5. People always like to tell me "little kids little problems, big kids big problems!" Which I totally get but why doesn't that make my problem important right now, all I know is little kid problems!

  6. I hate when people ask really personal questions that are none of their biz.

  7. So true about Chick-Fil-A on a Sunday! It's happened to me a few times. I agree about the intrusive questions. Geesh!


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