A Small Rant

As you know, we're gearing up to fly with Ella for the first time, and of course my fears about her or I (or both of us) having a cold for it are coming true.

That aside, I've never flown with a baby so that comes with its own stresses. I called United yesterday just to check whether a breast pump is considered a carry on item or not, so that when I show up with 2 bags AND my pump I'm not shot down, etc. This is how the customer "service" call went:

Me: Hi, I'm flying Saturday with my 6 month old and will need to bring my breast pump with me. I just wondered if the breast pump counts as a carry on item or not?
Male United Rep: Let me check on that.....(typing for a solid 3 minutes or more)...I see here that it can be checked or carried on to the aircraft, ma'am.
Me: I understand that I'm ALLOWED to bring it. What my question was is whether or not this counts as one of my 2 carry on items or not.
United Rep: Yes ma'am, it can be a carry on item.
Me: So, does that mean that it counts as one of the 2 items that I can bring onto the plane?
United Rep:Yes it counts as a carry on item.
Me: Ok, because I saw online that it is considered a medical device and should NOT be counted as a carry on item, but that's why I was calling to check.
United Rep: What is the medical device that you are wanting to carry on?
Me: A Breast pump...... (inner monologue: "Wtf do you think we have been talking about this whole time??").
United Rep: Yes Ma'am, you are allowed to check a breast pump or carry it onto the plane.
Me (getting more annoyed): I understand that I'm allowed to bring it on to the plane. What I'm asking is if it's considered one of the two carry on items, or if I'm allowed to bring a breast pump PLUS two more items? Can I talk to someone else there since you've now given me two totally different answers to the same question?
United Rep: What can I help you with? My supervisor is currently busy. 
Me: I repeat the question again.
United Rep: It counts as one of the carry on items.

So I continued to look this up online, and then called another United number to check. In actuality, it does NOT count as a carry on item, and it says so on United's page about carry on items and things that do NOT count against your two item limit.

For your information, a diaper bag, stroller and carseat also do not count against your carry on items.

I just wish that people in customer service whose job it is to KNOW these answers, actually KNEW the answers. And, I don't know, actually listen to what the question was that I was asking.

Ok, rant over. Anyone else have customer service experiences that are at least entertaining to share?


  1. So annoying. If you don't know the answer pass me on to someone else.

  2. What a bimbo!! I hate phone calls like that just waste your time and then they give you the wrong info in the end..Uggh!

  3. Oh lord. I would have just screamed at her and hung up. Love you and safe flying!

  4. Lovely customer service. I would have been LIVID!!

  5. Ugh I hate customer service people that follow a script and do not go the extra inch!

  6. Last time I flew with a pump I flew Southwest and they were awesome, I would just print out the sheet from the United website and take it with you. I have found in my experience that flight crews are usually really, really accommodating to people flying with children but maybe I've just been lucky. Good luck and honestly it probably won't be as bad as you make it out in your head to be!

  7. Lord have mercy, how ridiculous. You are way more polite than I would have ever been. Lol.

  8. Oh man! That's the worst. So glad you were able to get it figure out before your flight. Flying with kids is stressful enough, they really should have their customer service people be more on the ball. Good luck with your packing and traveling!!

  9. Definitely print the rule out and bring it with you!

  10. That is so frustrating! I agree though with what Jennifer said above, print out that information and take it with you!


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