Dear Thursday...

Dear Loft, thanks for, once again, offering your 50% off and free shipping deal. I thank you. My closet thanks you. My wallet, however does not. (At least some of what I got was for my sisters-in-law, though so not a completely gluttonous/selfish purchase!)

Dear Mailman, thank you for delivering the package from my SIL for Ella's first Christmas. I appreciate your hard work. However, next time I could do without you ringing my doorbell at 6:53 am next time. Thanks!

Dear Illness Gods, please leave my poor baby alone. First it was another cold, then it was the tummy bug, then a little remnant of some kind of cold, and then Tuesday night we get a fever and a rash on her body. What gives?? I swear this child hasn't been 100% since early November. Thank goodness she seems relatively unphased. My blood pressure, on the other hand....

Dear Traffic Gods,  thank you for looking out for my sister-in-law on Tuesday. She had a near miss with a tractor trailer flipping over literally RIGHT in front of her in the middle of the day which caused a 4 hour backup of traffic. Thankfully everyone seemed to be ok. Way too close!
Dear Post-Baby Period, (sorry for the TMI here) holy mother of ****, you are theeeee worst! I had heard warnings about you from friends, but my goodness you are another form of evil I had no desire to ever encounter.

Dear Redfin, thanks for my daily dose of real estate porn. We aren't in the market for a house, but I never turned off the notifications from when we were looking 3 years ago. Your emails let me fantasize about our next house...whenever that may be.

Dear office HVAC system, there's no reason I should have to turn the thermostat to 78 in order to get my office reasonably warm.

Dear iPhone8 Plus, I heart you. I wasn't so sure about your large size at first, but I've already gotten used to that (with the help of a popsocket). Your camera is amazing and I love capturing all of my Ella pictures with you!

Dear Christmas Lights, you make me happy. Thanks for bringing your twinkling to brighten up our nights.

Dear Ella bear, I love that you're beginning to be ticklish now. Getting giggles out of you is the highlight of my day. Also, thank you for being such a trooper through all of your ailments recently. We couldn't have asked for a more happy, easy-going baby. Love you to pieces!


  1. Loft emails + coupons get me every dang time!!

  2. Baby tickles are the best!!!! So sorry to hear Ella is under the weather UH-GAIN. Seriously! And it's just the beginning of winter. :(

  3. Dear post baby period cracked me up because so far all of my friends who have been pregnant have said the same! Hope Ella feels better soon!

  4. Oh gosh, the whole post baby period is one of the things I DREAD about ever having kids. LOL Aw, and poor Ella. I'm glad her spirits are still pretty good if nothing else. Sick babies are so sad to see. :( And whoah, I'm glad your SIL was okay! That's a crazy accident.


  5. Post baby period is a bee-otch!!!! OMG SO AWFUL. Fortunately it eases up eventually. I had forgotten all about that until you brought it up!

  6. oh man, sad and secretly glad i missed 50% and free shipping for loft. i don't *need* anything else lol. my wallet would hate me.
    omg that accident is terrifying. thank goodness everyone was okay!

  7. Our mail lady drops packages off super early but thanks goodness just drops it at the door and doesn't know or anything. haha

  8. Ugh the ringing of the doorbell! Not cool! Thankfully our delivery people know better haha.

  9. So scary to be that close to a serious accident on a busy road like that! Glad she's okay! Sorry that the little one hasn't been feeling well lately.

  10. Ella is so cute! Seriously adorable. I hope her spell of germs finishes asap.

    I'm interested in your iPhone 8 Plus experience... My 6 is doing that thing where it's letting me know in no uncertain terms that it's time to upgrade. I'm out of the running for the X ($$$) but wondering whether to go for the 8 or 8 Plus. Is it annoyingly large to carry around or not so much? I think the screen would be good for on the go. Also I don't have an iPad so can I justify it that way??

    I do the same with real estate porn :)

  11. Have you seen the house on Collingwood? If not you should look up Collingwood lights and make the drive, it's totally worth it!


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