Weekly Wins

Hallelujah it's Friday! This week has felt particularly long. I woke up Wednesday thinking it was Thursday which is always a recipe for "off"-ness. That day ended with a trip to the pediatrician, and two mornings have started with the mailman ringing the doorbell at 6:53 (no joke, both mornings). 
I'm ready for the weekend!

This week had some wins, as all weeks do!

~Packages being delivered (albeit at 6:53 am)! One of which included this adorable Christmas care package from my SIL (she's the one who sent the cute Halloween stuff too). The outfits are adorable, but I have to say I love that she sent us two books that our nieces used to read when they were kids.

~Adorable daycare pics. These kids share everything. Including rashes.
~Our picky puree eater has decided now that she loves purees (so fickle, she is!), so much so that when she's being fed, no sooner than she's swallowed the last spoonful, her mouth is WIDE open, leaning forward for more. She also likes feeding herself, so hopefully we've got a nice balance going. And she's not drinking (sort of) from a cup. I swear, college is right around the corner.
look at those little dangling feet!!!!
~We got a new printer since our old one was being a huge pain in the butt. Now I'm hopeful that Christmas cards will be addressed this weekend and hopefully sent out by Monday morning!

~Tonight we have my good friend Kelly's holiday party. She took last year off from it because she was just finishing chemo, but she's back and I'm so excited she's feeling well enough to host this gathering! We've got our friend babysitting Ella, so she's in good hands, and mom and dad can get out and enjoy some festivities!
From 2 years ago
~Santa Breakfast Saturday morning with our daycare friends. Ella is going to get to meet Santa for the first time and my momma heart is so excited for it. Will she love him or scream and cry? We will soon find out (and I will be documenting lol)

~Drives home from work with Ella where she's babbling away in the back make me laugh. Also, when someone decides she needs "privacy" and pulls her carseat cover down over her face, and when I pull it back I get this sweet, smiling face:
Note: I was stopped at a stoplight when I took this pic. I do NOT condone using the phone and driving, especially with precious cargo like this in the car
~The battery on my new iPhone lasts...wait for it...24 hours! I'm no longer charging my phone overnight (apparently the kiss of death for having a long lasting battery), but this thing holds a charge through my ENTIRE day and then some! a HUGE win!

~We have a potential coffee/brunch date lining up with the sweet couple that we met at the pumpkin patch on Sunday. We've been trying to get together with them, but their guy has been sick (story of our lives too), so hopefully Sunday works out!

~One more week of work until two weeks off for Winter Break! Bring it!!!!

~Husband brag: this was from last week, but MG got home early from a training one day and when I got home with Ella I asked what he'd done with his free time (thinking he played a video game for a bit or something else "relaxing"), and he shared that he went to the main road outside of our complex and bought a homeless woman some food because he'd seen her there when he left for work and when he got back. He told her he was going to get food anyway (he wasn't) and wanted to know what she wanted. She said only a coke and offered to pay him money which he refused, so he came back with the coke, and some food anyway, asked her her name, and wished her a Merry Christmas. He told me this and it touched me, and literally made me tear up. I've got a good one, you guys, a really truly good-hearted man.

Hoping your week had some wins, too! Catch you on Monday, lovies!


  1. You do have a good husband!!! That was very sweet of him! And yes, this week has felt like the longest week ever and I feel like next week will, too! When do y'all get out and when do you go back? December 15 is the last day for teachers (14 for students) and teachers go back Jan 3.
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  2. That is absolutely precious that MG did that. What sweet Christmas spirit he has! I know he made her whole week by doing that.

  3. I had no idea that the postal workers were even out making deliveries that early! This non-morning person needs an extra cup of coffee just thinking about that... ha! Have fun at the breakfast this weekend, can't wait to see how Ella likes Santa <3
    Green Fashionista

  4. What a great story at the end, you have yourself a gem! Have a fantastic weekend!

  5. Oh my word...the story about MG... I'm tearing up over here!!! So stinkin' sweet! Enjoy the weekend!!!! XOXO, R

  6. lol 'including rashes'. poor kids.
    aw your husband is so sweet. that is so nice!
    can't wait to see how Ella reacts with Santa :)

  7. That’s so sweet what he did for that lady. I’m sure it truly touched her! Merry Christmas!!

  8. That's really sweet of MG to have done that! Looks like you guys are having a busy weekend!! Hope it's going great!

  9. Yay for Christmas care packages! I love sending any kind of packages to our nieces and nephew.

  10. So sweet of MG! Always love hearing stories like that!

  11. You do have a sweet husband. Brag all the way. I can't believe how fast Ella is growing up and how she has taken on purees. So cute. I can't wait to see her Santa photos!

  12. This sounds like an amazing week!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls

  13. So did Ella love Santa or not?? She is so dang cute in the high chair! And we had that same sippy which just flooded back memories :)


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