Weekending with the Birthday Boy

Whew, I'm wiped coming off of this weekend, and it's because we celebrated MG's birthday Saturday night and stayed out a wee bit later than we normally do (as in, much later).

The weekend was packed with highlights though! Although the majority of the photos are of Ella...shocking I know :)

~Friday night we stayed in and cooked dinner that we were gonna make Thursday night but I hadn't felt like making so we'd ordered pizza on Thursday. Low key night in with our little miss was really nice.

~Saturday morning was MG's birthday and the birthday boy was given his present in the morning, along with baby snuggles--the best present of all!

~Ella finally fits into these adorable joggers that I got her a couple of months ago, and I was so excited! She looked so damn cute, I couldn't take it
~The Holiday was on, and we, of course, had to watch it
~We went out for a little bit and listened to Christmas music the whole way

~Ella's diaper leaked while we were out and we changed her in the tailgate of our car...#parentlife #babiesstillpooponyourbirthday

~in the early evening, we started getting Ella ready for bed, and a coworker of mine came over to babysit Ella so we could go out to dinner with our best couple friends. Luckily she went down easily and we got on our way!

~Our friends announced that they are pregnant!!! We've been waiting for this news for a while and were SO excited!! 

~We had dinner at a place of MG's choosing, and then went to a bar we used to frequent back in our 20s, and several of MG's friends came out to meet up. It was entertaining being out in the bar mayhem, but I will say I don't miss being bumped and jostled around, and not being able to hear well enough to have a good conversation. #yesimold
~We stayed out until a little after 11 and then came home. Ella had slept soundly the whole time we were gone and continued to sleep well the rest of the night.

~MG woke up feeling less than stellar, but there was a bright spot to his morning which included this nugget sleeping until 8am! #bless
~We got Panera for breakfast because neither of us felt like cooking anything

~Ella went down for a nap and I went to get groceries etc for the week

~The afternoon involved more snuggles and lounging around the house
~We made it out in the afternoon for a family walk which felt good and helped wake me up a bit

~We ordered in Thai food and had a super low key night in, watching football (I'm number one in my fantasy football league still and going to playoffs). 
There may have been some pre-bedtime snoozing on the couch, too. Because #old.

MG said he had such a good time Saturday night, and I did too. It was nice to get some "adult" time in (even if we paid for it the next day haha) and not just be "mom" and "dad". I'm so thankful for this man who I not only love, but I really really like, too :) 

Hoping your weekend was fun-filled, too!


  1. Way to be number one in your fantasy league!! Glad MG had a wonderful birthday weekend with you and ella spoiling him! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Happy belated birthday to MG! Glad y'all got to get out and enjoy adult time together!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  3. I love that bow on Ella! So cute! Happy belated Birthday to MG!

  4. oh ella - look at that sweet face! and watching the holiday. girl already has good taste :) happy belated to MG! it's so funny how when we get older we are just like - um i'd like a quiet bar so i can hear myself talk ha. i get it!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  5. Yea for adult time!! Glad MG had a GREAT birthday!! And yes... those joggers are ADORABLE!!! XOXO, R

  6. Sometimes cooking at home on a Friday night is our best meal of the week! Looks like you guys had a great time celebrating MG's birthday!

  7. Oh Ella is so cute. She looks adorable in her joggers. Happy Belated Birthday to MG.

  8. Yay for birthday celebrations! And if The Holiday is on, you definitely have to watch <3
    Green Fashionista

  9. Congrats on being #1 in Fantasy! I feel you on the wanting to hear. It's fun to go out to the old places every now and again, but they kind of make me feel old! Aw that is so cute how you say at the end that you live him and really like him, I said that to my boyfriend last night and his smile was priceless!

  10. Baby snuggles are certainly the best present of all time! :)

  11. What an awesome weekend!! Good job on Fantasy, and now you reminded me that I haven't been to Panera in forever. I need to go - love their mac and cheese :)

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  12. Love Ella's joggers... soooooo cute! Happy Birthday, MG! Glad you guys got to go out.


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