Weekly Wins: Decembering

Happy Friday friends! Anyone else find it hard to come off of the Thanksgiving break (assuming you had the day after T-day off)? This week kinda dragged for me and was filled with more sick baby woes.
Buuuuut, it's Friday which means it's time to celebrate some of the wins this week!

~Ella made it through daycare all day Wednesday and Thursday without diarrhea--hoping this stomach bug is finally done. I never thought diarrhea would be one of the first things I talked about in my post, but #momlife

~I got our holiday cards ordered and they're already being shipped to our house as we speak!
in case you missed it yesterday
~Ella turned 7 months old yesterday, and despite a nasty cough she's got (because the diarrhea wasn't fun enough), she was happy and smiley for her photo shoot! Crazy how much bigger she is compared to that elephant than she was when we took her 1 month photos!

~I secured a babysitter for MG's birthday Saturday night! We're going out to dinner with one of our best couple friends, and then meeting up with others for drinks afterwards!

~I finished the book that I've been reading off and on for over a month (or monthsssss) now! Next I'm on to Ready Player One which MG has raved about--anyone else read it yet?

~We had new neighbors move in next door to us the day before Thanksgiving and they seem really nice! The previous family was meh, so it's nice to have a couple who are already more friendly than the last ones!

~This view in the middle of my day on Wednesdays and Fridays on my drive to my second school #hiPotomac
~Coming home to packages from Cyber Monday shopping :)  (MG has also been giving me lots of side eyes lately seeing the number of packages arriving. Oops lol)

Hoping your week's had some wins, too!


  1. Your cards are beyond precious..just sweet and festive as can be!! Have a beautiful weekend!

  2. I'm so glad Ella is feeling better! Nothing worse than a sick baby! And your view during driving is gorgeous!!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  3. Brandon loved "Ready Player One" when he listened to it on Audible. He also said they're coming out with a movie based on the book, too. If you have time, look up the story behind the author; it's really pretty interesting!!

  4. Your cards look absolutely wonderful! I'm so glad sweet Ella is starting to feel better. Sick kiddos are just no fun at all!

  5. I have been racing home every day this week to avoid Mike seeing the cyber monday packages!!! #TheStruggleisReal Glad Ella seems to be on the mend. Diarrhea is not okay; a cough I can handle! Hope you have a fun night out for MG's birthday!!

  6. I love your cards - so many sweet family memories!! Our packages from Cyber Monday have been rolling in, too. I am loving it!! Have a great weekend.

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  7. It was SO hard to get back into the work routine this work after the long holiday weekend, but yay for Friday! Glad Ella is feeling better, and Happy Birthday to MG! Hope you guys have a fabulous date night <3
    Green Fashionista

  8. So sorry she has been so sick, glad she is better. Your holiday cards are adorable! I avoided cyber Monday and am regretting it!

  9. Lots to celebrate this week. Fingers crossed that Ella's stomach bug is gone. I hope you have the best time this weekend for MG's birthday.

  10. Oh, no! Little Ella! Hope she feels better soon. Have a great night out for MG's birthday! Enjoy it! Love your Christmas cards. You have such a cute family! Hope your neighbors turn out to be awesome!

  11. Happy weekend! I hope that baby Ella's little bug goes away soon! Loved the cards - we have GOT to get ours ordered ASAP! I am hoping to start getting some packages on our doorstep next week. I love fun mail so much! Hope y'all have a great weekend!

  12. Love the holiday cards!! Mine are stuffed and almost ready to go... I just need to seal and stamp them!! It feels so good to have them out of the way early this year!

    That Potomac view is AMAZING!


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