Feverish Weekending

You read that correctly, we are back to dealing with illness and ailments. Friday's date night got cancelled because all of a sudden Ella had an unexplained fever. No other symptoms (thankfully) and she was acting totally fine, but we didn't want to leave her with our friend not knowing what was going on.

So an impromptu "date night" in happened with take out Thai food, wine and some Black Mirror.
~Saturday the fever was still there with no other symptoms and Ella seemed fine so we just monitored her.

~Couch snuggles happened

~Ruffle butt pants happened
~MG and I have wanted to get a new dining room table for a while now (the one we have is pub height and we wanted something normal height so baby could more easily be there with us), and MG happened to look at a local furniture site that day and saw exactly what we've been looking for, so we went and checked it out and it was perfection.
~Picked up pizza on the way home and had another quiet night in with our feverish girl.

~Put Ella to bed with a low grade fever, but she woke up around 9:30 stirring and kind of moaning in her sleep so we went to check on her and her fever was 104.5!!!! So I freaked out and called her pediatrician and waited for them to call back. Ella seemed fine, just hot, and she took her night time bottle (with Tylenol) like a champ and went back to sleep.

~3 phone calls to the emergency line and 55 minutes later, after bypassing the nurse who wasn't calling me back, the doctor called and told us he thought it was a UTI, and to just monitor her and if she had a fever the next day to bring her in to the office. Thankfully she slept the rest of the night, no problem. I, on the other hand, checked her on the monitor at least once every 45 minutes or so 

~The next morning the doc's office called to check on her and we made an appointment for her to be seen since she was still running a fever (although nothing close to 104 thank goodness!!)
{I have a super cute pic of her in the doc's office in just her diaper, looking adorable, but I'm leery of posting anything like that because of perverts on the internet. So, just know that she was super cute!)

~We were seconds away from the doctor having to catheter our sweet baby girl, when she peed and he caught it in the specimen cup!! She actually peed two more times that he missed which was actually kind of a comical situation. The test came back negative, so likely she just has some kind of weird virus with no symptoms.

~Caught a cute moment of Ella and Cooper playing tug-of-war over Cooper's toy

~We took advantage of the nice weather (60 degrees!) and took a family walk. Ella enjoyed getting out of the house and looking around on the walk
~MG went and finalized the deal on our new dining room set
~We grilled for dinner and then put little miss to bed (who was SUPER fussy), and then dove into the Vikings game. And we all know how the ended. Needless to say, I was super bummed about the outcome for them.

And yesterday, MG had off because of the government shutdown, but he'd already taken off to have our plumbing fixed from the bathroom leak. So, on some level that worked out so that he didn't have to use vacation days.

So, all in all our weekend was kind of a bust. No date night, Vikings loss, feverish baby. At least we have a new dining room set!

Hoping your weekend was fever-free!


  1. I love your new dining room set! It looks just like one from Joanna Gaines's line!! And I hope Ella is on the mend--poor baby!!!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  2. Aww poor Ella! And you guys - that temperature is scary! Glad everything is ok. And I love your new dining set!

  3. I hope Ella is feeling better.. 104 is scary!! I LOVE your new dining room set!

  4. Is he doing ok now? Are you ok? And what about MG? with the shutdown I have been thinking about how you all would be affected. Love the dining set.

  5. Ok so I am SURE you were not laughing but the thought of being seconds away from having to catheterize Ella and then catching pee in the cup makes me giggle when I visualize it!!! So glad the doc didn't have to resort to that, glad it's NOT a UTI, and hope she is feeling better soon!!!!! It's always something we these kiddos!! XOXO, R

  6. Holy crappers we had almost identical weekends with the fevers, almost running to the ER, and then going to the docs on Monday where we waited forever for her to pee. Our poor girls, but so glad they are now on the mend. Serena did end up having a pretty bad UTI, and is on antibiotics. Sending lots of hugs for Ella and of course you guys too! And can we talk about how gorgeous that dining set is - LOVE <3

    Green Fashionista

  7. Love the new dining room set!! Poor baby, so glad that terrible fever went away.

  8. Love that new table! Hopefully little miss is 100% soon.

  9. Okay, all the sickness is the one thing that I don't miss about having kiddos under the age of 2... you're totally making me cringe at all of the old memories of worrying about my babies and nights spent sleeping on the floor by their cribs. Poor, sweet girl. And both of our kids used to get fevers with no other symptoms every now and then, too. Our ped told us it's likely just something viral and there's not much you can really do but medicate for the fever and ride it out. I hope she's doing better now!

  10. Aww poor thing! Seeing them sick is the worst!

  11. Well I love the dining room set.

    Hope Ella is back to normal soon and you can do a date do over!

  12. Love that dining room set!!! And ruffle butts are my FAVE!

  13. Poor Ella! I hoe she's feeling much better by now. I swear the fever and flu are rampant this year and affecting so many people. Bummer date night got cancelled but Thai food and wine sounds like the perfect substitute!


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