Thursday Thoughts

Some Thursday randoms for your reading pleasure:

~Bachelor fans: are you as ewwwww about Krystal as I am?? What does he see in her? Her creepy baby voice is gross and her fake puppy dog eyes. Ew ew ew. I dunno if you saw Shay's recap last week, but she TOTALLY LOOKS LIKE HIS MOM!!!! Just so many ew's.
Also, girlfriend loves her some crushed velvet...
~I wish the sizing on baby clothes were more reliable. 6-9 months even within the same brand sometimes can run big or small. I just bought 2  6-12 month shirts at Gymboree (which admittedly is a HUGE range) and it barely fits Ella at 8 months. But another sweater from there that's 6-12 months is massive. What gives??

~Loft got me again this weekend with their sale, and then sneakily offering free shipping hours later (if I'd bought earlier in the day, I would have been ticked off). Two long sleeve shirts and a summer romper are making their way to my house right now! One of the shirts was $7.95!
~I had a milkshake from Potbelly's this weekend, but it was made with frozen yogurt instead of ice cream because they'd run out, and it was just as amazing. Also, I'm now craving a milkshake again.

~When you have an appointment window from 330-530 and the guy shows up at 645, I feel like you deserve some kind of "make it up to me". That happened Tuesday night with a guy who was supposed to come and assess and potentially fix a leak from our master bathroom into our downstairs hallway. Cue: annoyance. Cue more annoyance when this dude is DRILLING A HOLE IN MY CEILING while I'm trying to put Ella down to bed. So much for our quiet, peaceful bedtime routine! #dontmesswithmybabyssleep

~On that note, thank goodness we have home owner's insurance because they have to come back, with two plumbers and they said it will take 4+ hours. And it's all covered. Praise!!!

~I love snow days and I used to love 2 hour delays. I still like them enough, but now that my life kind of revolves around nap schedules, the 2 hour delay has me leaving my house for daycare right around the time Ella would be going down for her nap. Which then just throws off her whole day.

~Bank of America has been making me jump through hoops to get my name changed on my IRA account. And it also seems like the bank people have NO idea how to make this happen easily. No wonder it's taken me almost 4 years to do it!

Before I go, I wanted to thank you for all of your sweet comments yesterday about my health scare! It means so much that you all care so much and I know you would have prayed for me if I'd talked about it beforehand, but I just didn't want to bring it up until I knew what I was dealing with. But, thank you so much for the kind words afterwards!


  1. DYING at your Bachelor thoughts!!!! I have so many opinions this season!!!! Krystal is perfect for Arie, in my opinion, because she would literally fit in with his family. I cannot stand Bekah (the young child) and Chelsea. I really don't like Arie anymore either. I could write an entire essay on my thoughts but I'll keep them short and sweet on your comments haha!!!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  2. I should try to make milkshakes with yogurt! They usually use whole milk which I can't drink so I've never actually had more than just a sip of a milkshake. Hmm!

    My 401k company made me get a notarized document signed by The Pilot just to rollover my account. So infuriating. Why are banks so terrible?

    I'm so glad you're ok after that health scare <3

  3. Oh the nap schedule...its why we never make it to anything past noon or before 3. Love you.

  4. You have had terrible luck with people not sticking to appointment times. Sheesh! 6:45pm is NOT okay for drilling holes!!! Glad it's covered though!! And seriously... I wanted to throw a party when I finally changed my name on everything. It is SO hard!!!

  5. okay yes..WHY aren't all baby clothes sizes the same?!

  6. I am craving a milkshake now! Awesome Loft score! I have been trying my best to ignore the sales. I really am going to think long and hard about if I legally change my name when I get married, it seems like such a hassle!

  7. Naps kind of control what we do on weekends but I need him to nap! haha

  8. I love that top with the ruffles on it from Loft! They almost sucked me into buying some things, but I withheld, haha!

  9. I have to say that the sizing on baby clothes is so darn frustrating!!! I don't understand it.

  10. Loft got me as well. I bought things twice this week too. I am loving your picks from there too. I can't stand Krystal. Ugh. The baby talk is awful. And I did see Shay's outlook on her and looking like his mom. So gross. ha.


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