1 in 8

1 in 8 couples struggles with infertility.
I am the 1 in 8.
You may be seeing that number, along with various personal experiences around blog world, social media, etc because it's National Infertility Awareness Week.

Infertility and fertility challenges can feel isolating. I struggled with sharing our journey when we were going through it because it was personal, and I didn't know if I wanted our struggle out there for ridicule or judgement, but what I realized about opening up, was that I was helping myself to work through the emotions I was experiencing. And as I opened up, I helped others. If someone was out there judging me, I didn't know about it, and it didn't matter, because I felt better, and the people I was connecting with made me aware that I was helping others by sharing.
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So here I am, shining a light on the struggle, once again.
If you've been a reader here for a while, you've read it and been alongside me. And if you're new here, maybe this will help you.

My husband and I started trying to get pregnant pretty quickly after getting married since we'd been together for a while, and were both in our early 30's.  I knew several friends who had dealt with infertility and somewhere in the back of my mind, I knew it would be our journey too (although I was terrified of that being the case).

After over a year of trying, tracking ovulation, etc. we were still not pregnant and I decided to reach out to a fertility clinic nearby with a great reputation for a consultation.
We did testing and came up with no real reason for our fertility issues (unexplained infertility) which was a relief but also frustrating. Why wasn't this happening for us?

We started with several rounds of IUIs which didn't work. I think we did about 8 or 9 rounds of it before finally going the IVF route--looking back, I wish we had done IVF sooner, but at the time I was scared and just hoping we could get pregnant without IVF.
Luckily it worked for us on our first try, and we have our perfect daughter, Ella, and two other beautiful little embryos waiting in case we need them.
I wrote about our entire IVF journey here, so feel free to read through the details, because mine wasn't all needles and pain. It was a journey and a process, but one that I would do over again in a heartbeat to have my daughter.
If you're reading this and haven't struggled with infertility, you likely know someone who has. A lot of what people tell you is the things NOT to say (like any in the above photo), but without ways to support.
Check out this post for things NOT to say and things TO say/do.

If you're going through fertility struggles, you're not alone. If you need support, reach out to me and to the other girls in blog world who have shared their journeys. We're here to support one another, including you.


  1. SO. WELL. SAID. Thank you for sharing your story. My best friend struggled much like you and following along on your journey helped me to help and support her/be a better friend. I am so happy that you both have been able to shed some light on the struggle. Ella is adorable!

  2. I remember the day you told me you were pregnant with her and now you’re planning her first birthday party! What a miracle!!!

  3. Not happy we had to go down the path, but so happy I had you to walk it with!!! Wouldn't change anything in the world. And the drawing on this post- did you make it?! Every quote bubble is literally something that was said to me/us. Enjoy extra Ella hugs today!!! XOXO

  4. I know so many people who dealt with infertility - including four of my BFFs - that I always imagine the number is so much higher. It is an isolating thing that doesn't have to be thanks to people opening up like you!

  5. Thank you so much for sharing your story! We had to do an IUI to get pregnant with Alice, and I'm so grateful everyday that we did!

  6. Thank you for reminding me of the reward at the end. Co

  7. Such a good reminder. We also struggled with infertility twice. It's a trying and tough journey, but 100% worth all of the effort and appointments to grow your family. Thinking of you and all those who struggle to have kids.

  8. Love you lady and so proud of you for sharing your journey and being an advocate for people in your situation. Cannot wait to see what the future holds.

  9. It's a difficult subject to shed light on, but thankful that you are strong enough to share and so happy that you have sweet baby girl Ella, who is going to be 1 ahhh!!

  10. I think you sharing and being transparent really helps BOTH those who have struggle with infertility and those who haven't. It's heart-felt and informative. You are so blessed to have Little Miss Ella! Do you think you want another child?

  11. I am so thankful that you are transparent in sharing your story.

  12. Your so brave to talk about your story!

  13. Thank you for sharing your story, you're helping so many women out there who just need to know someone else has been through it.

  14. I don't think I knew you did IVF? It's so great for people to be open and talk about it. My SIL struggled really bad with conceiving, did IVF for my 2 nieces and then 7 years later got pregnant on her own!


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