Weekly Wins+Hashtags

Happy Friday, loves!
This week flew by and I think the weekend's going to be an equal blur. Thankfully this one had several wins!

~My favorite trees are blooming! I love seeing these fluffy flowers bloom--every time I pass one on my walks with Cooper, I just want to squeeze them! They seriously brighten my mood when these start to bloom! #cherryblooms

~Ella's first birthday party is this weekend--lots of fun with family and extended family/friends to be had! #omgshesone

~Knowing that a special friend is going to be getting a little delivery today and tomorrow to brighten up her day after a tough couple of weeks #itsthelittlethings #friendship

~A new InstantPot meal to throw into the rotation: Chicken Pad Thai! Anyone with an IP, looking for new recipes, try this one out--it's SUPER simple and delicious! Ella was a fan, too and couldn't get the noodles and the chicken in her mouth fast enough! #peanutsauce
*Note: if you chop/cut up everything the night before, this meal is SUPER fast!

~I managed to avoid eating a huge slice of crumb cake and a super big and gooey chocolate chip cookie this week. Not working out for a while (other than chasing a non-stop almost toddler, and the occasional long walk) has been catching up with me. Now that I'm not breastfeeding any longer, my metabolism has definitely slowed down, so all of the extra "little treats" definitely add up. #selfcontrolinfulleffect

~Watching Ella play tug of war with Cooper and his toy--it was too cute and this was just what I imagined when I pictured having a baby, with Cooper around. He's so gentle with her and I love seeing them interact and play together #agirlandherpup
~This is such an "adult" thing to be considering a win, but my friend referred her pest guy to us for mosquitoes in our backyard--our area is notorious for them! We haven't been able to fully enjoy our deck after a certain point of the season without dealing with bites. Well, he's cutting us a great deal on the season price because of the referral and because we got 4 of our other neighbors to join in with us! Our other neighbors were quoted 3 times as much as we're paying, so that's a HUGE win, plus my friend raves about the difference it made in her backyard #mosquitofree #stopbitingme

~It was 70 degrees, sunny and gorgeous out, and my coworker and I escaped during the lunch time to run an errand and ended up having the funniest time together #workfriends

Hoping your week was fast, and the sun is shining where you are!


  1. I love the cherry blooms and I'm always so sad they don't last long! Have the best time celebrating your girl this weekend! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. I LOVE cherry blooms but have never seen them in person, and am just DYING to! I can't believe y'all are celebrating Ella this weekend. Wasn't she JUST BORN?! I can't wait to hear (and see) all about it. Way to go for avoiding those sweets. You have more willpower than me, girlfriend! Give me ALLLLLLL the chocolate and sweets.

  3. um a mosquito free backyard would be amazing. they are gnarly in PA! so exciting about this weekend's celebrations! i cant wait to see all the photos. and ella and cooper playing - so sweet! have a great weekend girly!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  4. Ella and Coop...so precious!! Cherry blossoms are magical! I hope you have a super sweet weekend pretty mama! And send me your willpower, sweets are my drug of choice, lol!!!

  5. Do not get my started with mosquitoes....they eat me alive. Love that Coop and Ella play so well together.

  6. Love the idea of the chicken pad thai noodles. I can't believe Ella's first birthday party is here. I can't wait to see the photos. That cherry blossom tree is beautiful!

  7. What a gorgeous tree! If only it would last year round, right?!? I hope Ella has a wonderful birthday party this weekend!

  8. One already?! Crazy how time flies- have the best time celebrating your sweet girl :) Those pics of her and Coop are so cute!

  9. Those blooms are gorgeous! They would brighten my day as well. I can't believe Ella is turning 1 already. Have a blast celebrating with family and friends this weekend!

  10. Pinning the pad thai recipe! The Instant Pot still fascinates me. Only my husband really uses it because I feel like I'll always mess something up!

  11. I hope her birthday party was amazing!!! :) Such a fun milestone to celebrate.


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