'Fess Sesh

Felt like doing a little confessional post today since it's been a while.

I confess....

....that I'm totally nervous about what's going to happen with our condo. Really hoping we get an offer that at least lets us break even...making a couple thousand bucks wouldn't be awful though, but breaking even is our end goal. The good news is, we already had a private showing yesterday afternoon before our open house this weekend! Fingers crossed.

.....that there is a coworker I have who I've never had great feelings about--something about her always came off as disingenuous to me, and recently, I've found out some more things about how shady she is, and it's really left a nasty taste in my mouth. Of course, she's also a favorite of my admin which just makes things even more interesting.

.....I have another coworker who I've gotten super close to this school year, and she's moving to Louisiana at the end of this school year because her husband got stationed there. It totally bums me out. It's hard to find good people who you connect with, and when you do, you don't want to let them go.

.....my baby isn't quite a baby anymore. I pulled up to daycare on Tuesday to see this girl, standing in her jellies and sunhat in the driveway, looking way too big. Where'd my baby go??
.....allergies are the worst thing ever. Add pollen to that list too. Luckily I've had some allergy meds in my system for over a month so they aren't hitting me quite as hard, but poor Ella has been dealing with a runny nose for a week. I don't want to just medicate my kid, but I feel so bad that she's got so much snot!

....I'm looking forward to a little baby playdate with the couple that we met back in October at the pumpkin patch. We'd tried to get together a couple of other times during the winter, but with cold and flu season, our kids just kept taking turns getting sick, so now we finally have a chance. Their son is adorable and the couple seems really cool, so hopefully it works out this time!
Omg, look how little Ella was!!!! eeeeeep
....I need to get my wedding rings cleaned professionally. I clean them myself, but nothing beats a cleaning from the jeweler. Maybe Ill try and find some time to drop in this weekend.

....I still haven't started my next book yet, even though it's downloaded and queued up on my Kindle. I've also been falling asleep on the couch at night which hasn't helped me get started either. 

....there are few things cuter than the sheer joy that simple things bring to kids
....those cute Old Navy pants I ordered arrived last week and I significantly underestimated my size in their pants. Returning for bigger. Womp womp.

.....I hate when clothes look like they're a bright white online and then you get them and they look cream or off-white. Same with furniture online. Show me the true color!!!

...it's teacher appreciation week and I've already consumed 2 donuts so far this week. Which is 2 more donuts than I needed to consume. (Update: make that 3 donuts...)

What are some things you're confessing this week?


  1. That picture of Ella in her sun hat and jellies is just so darn adorable!

  2. Fingers crossed on your condo!! And hopefully the playdate goes well-- I love the serendipitous meeting at the pumpkin patch!!! And... enjoy a few more donuts. YOLO!! XOXO, R

  3. I hope your condo sell goes well! I hate your coworker is moving.. it is hard to find special people at work!

  4. Fingers crossed. And OMG she was so tiny, man I miss tiny babies.... but she is rocking those jellies and sunhat! I just cleaned my rings this morning and thought the same thing... great minds lady. xoxo Love you, just hope you know that.

  5. Pollen is the worst! We are having an air quality alert currently and it is makign it worse. That pic of Ella is so cute, they really do grow up fast. Sending more good vibes about the condo!!

  6. It's so hard to tell what shade of white things are online! So frustrating!

  7. I hope you get an offer ASAP, that is so stressful to deal with.

  8. Hoping you get an offer on your house soon!! Couple friends with kids the same age are the best!

  9. I really hope something happens with the condo soon!


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