{WHW}: Mom's Not In

Happy Wednesday, friends! Fun fact: a year ago today was my due date with Ella!

I'm coming off of a really fun weekend where I got to get away for a night--the first one without MG, and the first in about 9 months (since my best friends' wedding in August).
My friend Bree and I left Saturday morning to drive an hour out to wine country and meet up with the rest of the bachelorette party who had gotten started the night before.

It was the morning of Ella's first swim lesson, so I missed that, which broke my mommy heart a little bit, but there wasn't much I could do about it. She apparently did really well at the lesson--we'll be back this Saturday.

We made it to the house in good time, and everyone was getting ready to head to the wineries so we unpacked, ate some lunch, made flower crowns (the bride's request) and then everyone left to go to ThreeFox Vineyards. There was rain in the forecast all day, but luckily the skies were clear when we left.

I dont even know how long we were at ThreeFox, but they had an awesome outdoor area, and a great tent set up, that we spent most of the time under, drinking, eating, playing music, dancing, and laughing. The group of girls that our friend had were really fun, and it was great getting to know all of them in such a fun setting.
It started to rain part way through but being under the tent, it didn't matter.
Eventually we left to go to another winery, that we thought was closer to the house. 
The temps had dropped significantly by then and it was still raining, but we bought some bottles of wine, sat out on the patio with a pretty view, despite the rain, and had more fun dancing and laughing before we decided to pack it up and continue the fun at the house.
Since it was Cinco De Mayo, there was a little Mexican Fiesta at the house (tacos, chips/guac, etc) for dinner. We had a great dinner, sharing the things we love about the bride, and about her fiance. 
The rest of the night was 90s dance music, fun bachelorette party games, and a carefree night! I swear my face and my stomach hurt so much from laughing so hard throughout the entire day!
Unfortunately, I didnt sleep well that night, and the next morning we had to leave early bc my friend had an appointment and we'd driven together.

I got home to a smiley baby who I missed while I was gone. It's amazing what one day away will do to refresh you, even when you come back exhausted. Good girl time is so needed and so important. I was thankful for MG holding down the fort so that I could get away with my friends, and make some new ones!

Sunday we put together Ella's trike that my mom got her for her birthday and I think her face says it all:
We also had painters at the house to finally paint the stairwell walls and ceiling since we were never able to reach it (without seriously hurting ourselves). Ella was a champ and took a 2 hour nap despite the lights on, the talking and the noises outside of her bedroom. And now everything looks SO good, like it was supposed to when we painted a couple of years ago. I'm glad we got this done.

After the fun with the girls this past weekend, I'm definitely looking forward even more to seeing everyone at the wedding in June, and celebrating together!

If you have a second, send us some good juju today (and this weekend) as we're putting our old condo on the market today. Really hoping for a good offer, quick, so that we can get this one off of our hands! (Update: we already have a private showing tonight! Fingers crossed!!!)

What's been hap-"pinning" with you?


  1. What a fun little girls getaway you had!! I'm sure the wedding will be a blast! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Aww, look at all you cuties with flowers in your hair! Ella looks adorable on her trike!! So Precious!

  3. Sounds like such a fun time!! She looks so cute in her new ride :)

  4. Happy Due Date! :0) I was in Charlottesville the weekend before! Looks like you had a great time!! Glad you got away!!! XOXO, R

  5. E still loves her trike! Glad you had a getaway you deserve it. Fingers crossed for quick offer!!

  6. Fingers crossed for a quick sell of the condo!!!!

  7. Oh my goodness love the girls weekend pics! So much fun and little E in her bathing suit? So dang cute!

  8. What a fun bachelorette weekend! Time with the girls is so good for the soul! Yay for the showing, sending all the quick full price offer juju!

  9. Time away is good for you! I always miss V so much but it’s good to get away!

  10. That is so great that y'all have started Ella in swimming lessons already! I wish we had started our kids earlier!

  11. Looks like it was a super fun girls weekend. It's good to get away every now and then. Never feel guilty for it.

  12. My fingers are definitely crossed for you. I hope it goes well. So great to get away...even for a night. Sounds like a great time.

  13. SO much fun! It's amazing how refreshing even one day is <3
    Green Fashionista


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