{Weekly Wins}: Rain Rain Go Away

Anyone seen Noah around here lately, because I think someone should start building an ark with the number of days we've had rain, and the amount that's come down! I'm starting to forget what the sun looks like this week!!

Despite the rain, the week had several wins:

~Made it through a marathon day of meetings on Monday, checking things off of my end of the year to-do list! I can't believe the end of the year is already approaching (for us in VA it's still much later than for the rest of the teachers in the country--June 15th here!)

~My SIL, MIL and 2 nieces are coming down this weekend and I'm really looking forward to it! They're always so fun to spend time with, and I know they're looking forward to their solo time with Ella while MG and I attend Wine Fest at Mount Vernon (assuming it's not completely rained out)!

~Pre-wine fest dinner plans at our friends' house, followed by lots of wiiiiiiiiiine! 

~Getting an offer on our condo and accepting it after a little bit of negotiations! We were really nervous about this getting done and are super excited someone came along so quickly and fell in love with our old place. I'm not gonna lie, I had a little bittersweet feeling since this was the place that MG and I lived together in, came home to when we were married...it's got lots of special memories for us, but definitely also excited to move forward and not have the burden of being landlords anymore.

~Ella tried her first popsicle (freezer pop) this week and was SUPER into it! Watching these new experiences of, and reactions to everyday things is just so much fun!

~Haircut scheduled for Saturday morning. Definitely ready for a summer length!

~I've been really working hard at upping my water intake during the day. Since I finished breastfeeding, I haven't been as good about drinking a ton of water and I need to. The hardest time of the day for me is from the time I leave work until Ella's bedtime which is like 3 hours where I barely drink anything. Really trying to be better and have been succeeding with it this week!

~The temperature in my office at work (and throughout the building) is FINALLY regulated! No more 50 degree air pumping out of the vents all day long, and running a space heater to keep warm in May. I can finally actually dress for the weather outside and not the arctic tundra inside! Bring on the dresses!

Sorry for the picture-less post today. So, for good measure, here's a cute Ella pic from earlier this week :)


  1. Have such a fun weekend! I hope the rain stops for y’all so soon!

  2. So glad the offer went through! I know that will be a big relief for you guys. I am hoping the rain subsides for you all so you can have a date night. She looks so darn big in that photo, stop growing!! jk.

  3. Have a great weekend-- just wear your galoshes and poncho!! XOXO, R

  4. That picture of sweet Ella will work just fine! We were plagued by rain and our pool finish is on hold but the sun has been shining this week and I hope it comes your way!! xo

  5. Can you send that rain this way? We haven't had any in weeks and it feels weird, it usually rains every day from April to September. Your wine fest sounds amazing! And so glad the condo offer is accepted, what a weight off your shoulders! Have a great weekend!

  6. Have fun with your family! A wine fest sounds like a blast!

  7. I'm so happy to hear that you found a buyer!! Great news. That picture of Ella is adorable. Have a great weekend.

  8. I'm always trying to drink more water too! When I worked, I was so good about it, I need to just keep a water bottle filled at all times, and most importantly, bring it with me when I leave. Your weekend sounds so fun, I hope the rain stays away!!

  9. We have had two days of rain and I'm over it!!

  10. I hope the wine fest and having family in town was fantastic! Hopefully you guys got some breaks in the rain - I'm so happy to see the sun today!


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