Wine'ing Through the Weekend

Which is better than whining through the weekend, right?

We finally got a break in the rain this weekend after 7ish straight days of cloudy, wet days. Right in time for us to be able to make it to wine fest without getting drenched!! 

Some other highlights from the weekend:
~Family (my MIL, SIL and two nieces) made it into town around 11pm Friday night after my one niece did our oldest niece's hair and make-up for her senior prom. Also, how gorgeous is our oldest niece?? She is stunnnnnnning!
~Saturday morning we were all up at 7ish because #baby which was actually fine because we got to catch the Royal Wedding. I'd recorded it so I could watch all of the beginning hoopla (and fast forward), but we turned it on right as Meghan was arriving for the ceremony which was perfect.
Call me crazy but none of us were very excited about her dress or her hair for the ceremony--it was all just very plain and not what I was expecting. 

~MG ran over to do some work on the condo before the home inspection this week and the rest of us just hung out at the house since the weather was so crummy. 

~I got a haircut while Ella was napping and when I got back, we packed up and headed to the mall for some lunch and some shopping which was a good indoor activity when the weather was crap.
~We got back in time for Ella's afternoon nap, and MG and I got ready to head to our friends' house for a pre-wine fest dinner/hangout. They used their smoker again to make some delicious wings, had sandwiches and sides. I chose to stick with water to hydrate before going to winefest which was a good idea.

~Ella apparently had a good time with the family, eating out, playing with bubbles, going to HomeGoods, etc. It was nice that they got that time to spend with her, and bond, since when I'm around all she wants is mommy a lot of the time.
~Luckily the weather had cleared up by the time we got to our friends' house, it was just kind of humid out--perfect for messing up your hair while being outdoors haha, but we enjoyed our time sampling more than 10 winery's wines and hanging with our friends.
~The bummer of the evening happened when we ordered our Uber at 9 when the event ended, and it said it was 20 minutes away which was a HUGE bummer, but what was worse was that the driver canceled the ride 5 minutes before he was supposed to get us, so we had to order another one...which then was another 20 something minute wait, so we didn't get home until 10:15 that night.
We hung out with the family for another hour or so before heading to bed--we were all wiped!

~Sunday morning was a little rough but we pulled through. Family left around 10:30, MG ran errands and Ella napped for 2 hours while we got stuff done around the house (I wish I had napped like she did though!)  

~In the afternoon I ran a couple of errands and then had to hold Ella for her nap because she spent 45 minutes fighting it, and would fall asleep every time I went up and held her to calm her down so I gave in and let her sleep on me. It's been SO long since she's done this that I just sat there and enjoyed the snuggly little baby, listening to her was sweet, relaxing, and good for my mama soul.

~After that I headed to a massage that I'd had scheduled and it was amazzzzzing like always. #mushy

~We ordered in pizza because neither of us felt like cooking and we did bathtime/bedtime with Ella, and then watched more episodes of Outlander before heading to bed.

It's been SO nice to see the sunshine these last two days--my eyes almost didn't know what to do when they saw the sun on Sunday morning! haha
We were super lucky to have MG's family come down to spend some time with us, and also take care of our girl. Luckily we'll get to see everyone again next weekend for our oldest niece's graduation party!


  1. Glad you have had a break in the rain! Took me back when you said about Ella fighting her naps and then having a mama nap instead - I did that all the time and loved it - even though the strict midwives told me off for it - we all need it from time to time :) Wine fest! A friend with a smoker! You are lucky - sounds great. Lovely photos of you plus friends and husband - you look very happy! Your niece's dress is divine - I love the bow detail and the beading - she will want to wear that again I'm sure. Joanne x

  2. Oh and yes - everyone I've spoken to about the dress and hair had mixed feelings as well. We all agree she was beautiful, with grace and poise but some friends thought the dress a bit plain or poorly fitted at the waist? Some people loved the wisps of hair and others thought it was not 'done' enough. I didn't hear this type of commentary with Kate (no one refers to her as Catherine do they?!) I think most people expect and (love) the traditional the most over here. However, I thought it was nice to see everything done differently for a change. There won't be a wedding now for decades so it is kind of sad it is over don't you think? The next thing will be a coronation.

  3. SO glad you made it to wine fest!!! And your niece doesn't look like she's going to prom... she looks GORG!! I saw it and was like, wedding?! Bridesmaid? So stylish for someone her age!!! Have a good week! XOXO, R

  4. Sounds like it was a good weekend. I loved the dress, I think i am the only one. Its so my style and I think that is why I liked it. I have a massage scheduled this weekend.. they are just so darn good for the soul.

  5. Sounds like it was good weekend. I thought the wedding was beautiful but I wasn't in love with her dress, her makeup or her hair. Although, after seeing the official pictures, I think the dress is beautiful as is that veil. But, I will say I think the dress didn't fit her as it should have. It should have been taken at the top a bit more.

  6. Your niece looks so pretty for prom! I am glad Ella was good for the family and you and MG got a much needed night out, to what sounds like such a fun event! I need a massage stat!

  7. I'm glad the weather broke for you! Of course, it's pouring again today.

    I'm glad Meghan felt comfortable enough to be as plain as she wanted to be - I think she's gorgeous and would look good in a paper sack with no makeup and dirty hair.

  8. Your niece's dress is beautiful!! :) Yay for date night!

  9. What a fun weekend!! So much family time mixed with a fun mom/dad night out! That is so annoying about the uber though, we've had that happen before too and it's just frustrating!

  10. wine fest looks fun! other than that uber debacle and man if i havent had that happen before. SO ANNOYING. your niece is gorg. what a fun busy weekend - now let's hope this sun stays right? i'm getting our first day of sun today in a week and a half ha

    xoxo cheshire kat

  11. What a great weekend with family. I have had that happen with Uber before and that isn't cool. Ugh. I love your nieces look for prom. So pretty and classic.

  12. Your niece looked lovely and I love her classy dress!!!


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