{WHW}: He's Back!!

Happy Wednesday friends! 
Last Friday was a really exciting day for us because MG got home from being in Thailand for 10 days. It was tough being a single mom for that long (praise all of you single moms, and moms with husbands who travel a ton or work insane hours), but we made it through. The evenings of nicely prepared, healthy meals were kinda thrown out the window for fast and easy (and still semi-healthy) because cooking with a 17 month old is just not easy.

So this past weekend we enjoyed having MG home. Ella's face when she saw her daddy NOT on FaceTime was priceless!
We ate in Friday night and went to the park in our neighborhood. Saturday morning we went for a walk since it felt like a crisp Fall morning, and by afternoon it was a hot summer day again. We headed over to our friends' house for a Fall party, and Ella enjoyed devouring Doritos, running around their backyard, and making friends with another little girl named Ellie. Our friends got the most amazing BBQ, and had cider sangria (it was so yum!) and other delicious eats. So we gorged and then went home to tuck our little busy body into bed. 
Sunday morning we just ran errands and Sunday afternoon we met up with friends at our local produce place because they have a great section for kids and tons of pumpkins. It felt anything but Fall standing in the sun, sweating our tails off, but Ella loved seeing her boys for the first time in a while.
Afterwards, we went to dinner at Yardhouse and the kids had a blast being together complete with jumping on the booth seats, hugging and giggling. At the end, our oldest friend Jude said "I love you so much Ella"...it was the sweetest.
We;ve got some exciting things coming up, but that's what's been hap-"pinning" over here recently--link up with Jessi and I below and share yours!


  1. I'm so glad your husband is back! I can imagine that was a long 10 days! And a cider sangria sounds amazing :)
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  2. Must be great to have the hubby back! I can only imagine how long 10 days would be with a child and no partner in crime! Ella is so cute, nice pictures!

    Brittany @ A Coffee Break With Brittany

  3. Yay glad he is back. All these photos are adorable. Her little tennis shoes with socks is just too cute.

  4. LOVE it! So happy y'all are reunited and I adore her 'boo sqaud' shirt!

  5. Good job momma--I knew you could handle it! I'm sure everyone was happy to get MG back!!!

  6. I cook mostly for my husband so sometimes when he's gone it's a nice break to just eat cereal for dinner lol. I can't believe how quickly your little bit has grown! Such a little pumpkin!

  7. Go you for being Super-Mon, managing 10 days without MG! I have a traveling husband too and feel the work/life balance struggle with Lola when he's gone too long (I know this doesan't compare to having a baby). Emily @ Martinis & Bikinis

  8. Oh man 10 days is a long time!! Glad he's back home because single mommin' aint easy at all!! I love Ella's Boo Squad shirt! Is that Target?


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