{WHW}: Pre-holiday Happenings


Reading....ugh, I'm still reading Beneath a Scarlet Sky, but haven't touched it since we went away for a wedding two weekends ago and were kid free. Really hoping to get some reading in this winter break.

Drinking....water, tea, and cough medicine. Ella got pink eye for the first time last week, along with a cold. Luckily the pink eye didn't spread but the dang cold did and now I lost my voice.

Eating...we tried two new recipes this week: Shrimp Linguini Alla Vodka and it was really tasty and Chicken Tortilla Soup in the Instant Pot--also a hit! 

Anticipating.... the beach picture gift for my MIL and FIL which will be finished tomorrow! I asked the art teacher from my school if she could do something like the pic from Uncommon Goods that I posted about before and she hit it out of the park. The last updated picture I got from my friend was this and it is SO good! 
It's coming along SO well!

Spending....alllllllll the money. Last minute gifts, getting things on sale for myself (hi Loft), and we have Cooper's annual vet appointment this weekend which will be a kick to the wallet.

Loving....holiday parties. We went to our friends' housewarming/holiday party last weekend and hired a babysitter. It was a late night out, but we had SO much fun (including flipcup lol--who do we think we are?) which of course meant that Ella woke up at 540 am the following morning which she hasn't done in well over 8 months. But the partying was fun.
Missing....family. We got to see my SIL the other weekend for a bit when we dropped Ella off for the weekend so we could attend our friend's wedding in NY. Ella had a great time, we had a nice weekend away, and enjoyed celebrating with our friends! Luckily family time is coming up again this week.
Watching....The Handmaids Tale. We just started it on Sunday and wow are we sucked in! The first night I had vivid dreams about it ALL night long.

Finally...sent out our Christmas cards. I under-ordered this year and then we had a snafu with the labels when they printed, but they finally all got out this weekend. Next year we'll probably get a professional family photo together, but for now, this works.
Excited...that MG and I booked a little spring break getaway for ourselves, and miss Ella to Florida. It's months away, but nice to have something to look forward to, especially someplace warm!

Laughing....at Ella's latest antics. Downward dog across the ottoman and couch, in addition to jumping back and forth from one to the other.
Tomorrow I'm opening up and getting really personal on the blog. For now, link up with Jessi and I below about what's hap-"pinning" with you!


  1. Love that beach picture; amazing! And yay for Florida!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE the beach picture!!! So sorry about pink eye-- hopefully they gave you the ointment not the drops. We tried to get drops in two 8 month olds and it was like wrestling bears!!!! So excited that we will get to see you in FL! As it gets closer, let's plan our rendezvous(s)? :) xoxox, R

  3. That picture! Ah! Can your art teacher do mine?! haha that is exactly what I want for my MIL but my sister-in-law is preggo and I think I need to wait until they have a name so I can add another one in the painting haha you know, to be fair lol Anyway, loving the party pics and a trip to FL will be fab!

  4. Love the painting and ella's couch antics. I always over order so do not worry. Love you friend.

  5. OMG her doing downward dog is too cute! I love how the painting is turning out! That is awesome on the Florida getaway, will be so mice to have a sweet little family vacay!

  6. Ella is cracking me up on IG stories.

    I love the beach art! That looks awesome.

    I hated Beneath a Scarlet Sky. 100% would not read LOL

  7. She did such a good job on that painting. I love it. Ella is too cute doing her downward dog. Love your Christmas card!

  8. Yay for your upcoming spring getaway, but so sorry to hear about the pink eye. So glad she's feeling better especially in time for Christmas <3
    Green Fashionista


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