Friday 'Fess Sesh

I confess that....

....I had this post drafted and ready to post on Thursday but I didn't get it all set up on Wednesday night because I was in the ER with MG who came home from work and started throwing up off and on for 5 hours with no other symptoms. Some IV fluids, a CT scan (to check appendix) later... MG was discharged at 3am and diagnosed with a virus. Thankfully he's doing much better, but I'm seriously over cold/virus and flu season!

...two hour delays on the days that I go to my second school are my favorite because I just go to my second school, but I have a bit of time between dropping Ella off at school and having to get to work. So I enjoy some time at home alone and it is magnificent.

....I've done everything that I can to avoid getting the full blown cold that Ella has (right around 2 weeks of being back at preschool--sounds about right). Extra vitamin C, drinking water, using saline spray and Zicam swabs....and then she sneezes and coughs right in my face. Some days my life is pretty glorious haha coworker and I tried to call a parent 3 separate times last week to tell her how well her kid was doing but never got a chance to speak to the mom because she kept hanging up on us, and then eventually just didn't answer. Awkward!

...I'm bummed that this past weekend MG and I let the chance of icy weather ruin our plans to go to PA for the long weekend. All of the weather reports in PA were sounding pretty bad so we scrapped the trip, and of course no bad weather came. Better safe than sorry, but ugh, annoying. MIL gave me this foundation a while ago and I forgot about it. Then recently discovered it and am totally loving it. It gives me nice coverage and has a good glow to it, so it helps beat that Winter ghost look! #win
.....the other weekend MG and I took Ella to eat and as we left my eyes got itchy, and in the 10 minutes it took to get home, my one lower eye lid and my other upper eyelid had swelled up so big I reminded myself of Hitch. Luckily it went down after an allergy med and a night of sleep, but I still have NO idea what I had a reaction to. 

....I had a dream Tuesday night and my dad made an appearance, complete with a kiss on my forehead. It's been a while, but that was the most welcome dream visit I could have asked for.

....I won my Fantasy Football league for the second year in a row, and the league commissioner (leader) sent out an email over a week ago telling everyone to pay me directly instead of collecting it (she paid out the second and third place winners already). And no one has paid. It's not a ton of money but it's the principle and it's annoying that they aren't playing by the rules. I have a feeling I'll never see that reward for winning.

Hoping your weekend is fun and virus-free!


  1. I'm still waiting on us to have a delay here.....or an early release......or cancelled school....haha! That's so strange that parent would hang up on a good phone call, but then again, some parents are just really weird!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  2. delays are the best - especially if it's more time with your sweet girl! i'm glad MG ended up being ok - this cold and flu season is THE worst. i of course caught it in london but i am just hoping it doesnt try to come back. anwyay have a good weekend girly!
    xoxo cheshire kat

  3. I an SO sorry to hear about MG! Love you guys! And yes, for sure over sick season. Come on, spring!

  4. YOu have had quite the week. Glad MG is better glad you are better and lord have mercy eventually Ella will stop getting sick all the time. And i would call them out, as in tell the leader and get my money.

  5. Congrats on winning your fantasy league!! That's awesome. My husband won in his and everyone had to pay up front. Then the coordinator sent him a check. I hope the league coordinator sends out a reminder so that you get your prize.

  6. I still have dreams like that about my Mom and they are so comforting.

  7. That parent is a little loopy, hugh?? HA! What a beautiful dream - cherish that! Hugs


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